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Have the time of your life with Premier League Hospitality

Are you looking forward to making this EPL season memorable?

While there are many ways of watching your favourite team face off against an opponent in the grounds, the best one’s the one where you and your friends can build memories for a lifetime.

Hospitality packages for the English Premier League let you invite guests (whether corporate, related or friends) and treat them with great hospitality and an unmatched matchday experience.

It totally makes it worth your while for so many reasons. A few of those are mentioned below.

6 reasons why EPL hospitality is your best bet for entertaining and treating guests!

While you might be considering going for a decent hospitality package, ambiguities might crop up. In the following section we’ll help eradicate those doubts with reasons that make it worth your time and money.

1. Brilliant views for the match

Talk about matchday hospitality and this is where it just starts.

You book yourself and your football fraternity a hospitality package and this is the first great thing that the package would reward you with. A brilliant view.

So, whether it’s the goalkeeper or a full-back you are looking at, a hospitality package would ensure you get the best view of the field.

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2. Drinks as you want them

Based on the hospitality package that you choose, the club will provide you with a number of drinks options.

Basically, whether you are a soft drinks person, or need a refreshing glass of beer, or something with a strong ‘spirit’, they’ve got it all. All you need to do is mention what you’re looking for and it’ll be served to you and your guests at the earliest.

3. Reserved Private table

If you are looking forward to treating your important clients or business partners to an amazing corporate hospitality experience or wanting to share some luxury with your loved ones, this is the deal breaker for you.

While, a great view and drinks make a major part of luxury, a reserved private table will always be appreciated by your guests.

Many Premier League hospitality packages provide this facility.

The best part is that it’s entirely yours. So, you and your guests can have an experience which is totally uninterrupted by everything around.

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4. Starters or a full-course meal; your pick

Included in the football hospitality experience, your Premier League tickets also buy you a variety of eating options.

As every stadium houses restaurants to cater to your needs, you’d need not worry about feeding yourself or your guests. Just so you know, tell the hosts what you’re hungry for and it’ll all be on your tables.

5. Snacks and Coffee/Tea at half-time

Another brick in the wall. Just as the referees whistle for half-time it’s time for coffee/tea (as you want) along with snacks.

So, you can enjoy discussing the game by then with your friends before it re-commences after half-time.

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6. Betting options

While not all hospitality packages offer an in-room betting facility, some premium variants are highly likely to have this option. For example, the Blues dining lounge at the Stamford Bridge Stadium provides an in-room betting facility.

So, for those of you who’d like to enjoy betting on the game, this is a fantastic add-on.

Final words

The world watches football and you watch it too. But when it comes down to picking the best football matchday experience option, football hospitality steals the deal.

The EPL, as we know, is one of the most famous football leagues in the world and then the hospitality packages take the matchday experience to a whole new level.

In this post we tried to highlight the top features of Premier League Hospitality packages.

We hope this was helpful.

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