Hasenhuttl labels Bielsa’s in depth analysis as ‘nothing new’

The Southampton manager gave his thoughts on Marcelo Bielsa’s infamous ‘masterclass’ during the week. 

The Leeds United spying controversy rumbled on this, and in an attempt to explain the situation, Bielsa revealed why he sent an employee to spy on the training sessions of not only Derby County, but every single one of their Championship opponents.

The Argentine said the ‘spying’ element only made up one part of their overall analysis, which apparently totalled over 300 hours of work per opponent, showing the media examples of his work during a 70 minute presentation.

He made a point of saying that majority of the work is pointless and will never come into use, but eases his “anxiety” that he has done enough to steer the team towards victory.

It was perhaps the first time a manager has revealed the amount of work that goes into managing a professional football team in such a public setting.

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl reacted to the ‘masterclass’ during his pre-match press conference, calling it “nothing new” for those within football management.

“So you got a tactical lesson from him? That’s nice. I think maybe the people outside don’t know how managers are working; now they know it. But I have to tell you, it’s nothing new. We do it every day.’’ Hasenhuttl told the press ahead of his sides clash with Everton this week.

“Every manager in every league in Europe does it in that way. He showed it for everyone, but that’s not my intention to do the same.”

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