Neville responds to Modric slamming English media and pundits

Former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville has said that he does not believe Luka Modric really cares too much about the English media and pundits have to say.

After Croatia defeated the Three Lions 2-1, Modric gave a passionate interview in which he claimed his Country had been underestimated and shown a lack of respect in the build up to their World Cup semi-final against Gareth Southgate’s men.

Today Neville responded to to Modric’s on ITV when he said:

“I don’t believe it for one second.

“I think he’s come out after the game having won and thought ‘I’m going to have a dig’ and obviously he was in a position to do that.

“He’s a great player but I don’t believe for any minute of that game he was ever thinking about the English media, what the English media had said, what any pundit had said.

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“Why would you? No player ever thinks like that during a match.

“The fact that we made a mistake for the second goal, or that (Mario) Mandzukic was alive and John Stones wasn’t is nothing to do with the English media. They’re just moments in football matches that happen.

“He’s played for Real Madrid for the last seven or eight years, imagine the amount of media articles and critical things that would have been said about Real Madrid on a daily basis.

“Why would you even think that would be taken into a football match?”

What Neville doesn’t seem to realise however is that whether it actually is true or not, the vast majority of people outside the UK perceive the coverage of the English national team as being extremely arrogant.

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