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France legend absolutely slaughters Pogba and Griezmann

It just seems impossible to keep Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba out of the headlines in recent months, with the latest development coming as former France international Christophe Dugarry blasted the 25-year-old and his international team-mate Antoine Griezmann for being more interested in off field events.

Pogba has fallen out of favour with his club manager Jose Mourinho, and was also recently dropped by France boss Didier Deschamps for his countries international friendly against Colombia.

Les Blues were widely criticised for losing the game 3-2, after being 2-0 up at the Stade de France.

Pogba and Griezmann’s subsequent recording of a TV Show with broadcaster Canal has been slammed by Dugarry, who won the World Cup and European Championship with France in 1998 and 2000.

The 46-year-old also believes that the star pair are setting a bad example for other members of the France squad.

“They are not serious,”

“Pogba and Griezmann are leaders. They are considered big players and they are held up as an example.

“And yet, when you lose, you sign a contract with Canal to sell these stupidities.

“You are not starting for Manchester United, you just lost a game with the France national team. You send out this program that doesn’t make sense. You have just lost. That tells us that you’re not concentrating.

“Things aren’t going well for you and you make us your ‘Pogseries’. What kind of madness is that?

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“You just lost 3-2 against Colombia and you were missing for an hour.

“At some point, isn’t there someone in your group to tell you to concentrate on your game, on your profession, on what you have to do? You have a whole country behind you, a country that wants to do well at the World Cup, and you make these stupid things for us.

“You are Pogba, you are Griezmann, third in the last Ballon d’Or. You are an important person on this team. The others are proud to play with these players, but Pogba and Griezmann don’t know it.

“At any one time, they are a rapper, then producers, then dancers, then footballers, then basketball players. Griezmann has said he would prefer to play basketball. We are three months from the World Cup: focus yourself. It’s up to you show us the way.” he told RMC.

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