Former Manchester United midfielder thinks even Sir Alex would struggle to get best out of this United side

Former Manchester United midfielder Lou Macari thinks that even Sir Alex Ferguson would struggle in the modern world of football management.

Ferguson is of course the most successful manager in Premier League history, leading Manchester United to 13 of their 20 league titles in his illustrious trophy-laden career.

While he was widely credited with his ability to get the best out of players by putting his arm around some, but tearing a strip off of others, with the modern world of social media and pampered footballers, Lou Macari thinks that there is no place in modern football for his famous ‘hairdryer treatment’:

“Ass-kicking is not accepted in football any longer,” he told the Mirror.

“Managers are scared to give rollickings because there is now a new breed of footballers, many of whom lack the dedication and drive to improve situations, to dig their club out of a hole.

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“At the first sign of any criticism, they run to their agent.

“There are too many players who don’t seem to give a stuff when the chips are down. It’s no wonder that many Manchester United fans are fed up with some of the players.

“It’s becoming harder to control players. In times like these you are looking for strong characters in the dressing room. Where are they?

“I think one of the reasons Sir Alex Ferguson retired was because he realised the manager’s role was changing and the mentality of players was also different than in years gone by.”

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