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Football Manager 2024: Release date and new features

Football Manager 2024 will be arriving very soon and fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting the latest release.

The ever-popular game allows players to immerse themselves in the world of football management, with sophisticated game-play and improving features to heighten the experience.

Football Manager director, Miles Jacobson, has said the game will be the last of its kind with plans for major changes in FM25, including the introduction of women’s football.


With less than a month until the game’s release, what do we know about the latest game?

What is the Football Manager 2024 release date?

Football Manager 2024 will be available globally, across all platforms, on November 6th. FM24 Console, FM24 Touch and FM24 Mobile will all launch on this date.

What price is FM24?

Football Manager 2024 and Football Manager 2024 Console are priced at £44.99 in the United Kingdom and $59.99 in the United States.

You can pre-purchase before November 6 for 10% off on selected platforms, including STEAM, Epic Games, PC Game Pass and Microsoft.

Which consoles will FM24 be playable on?

Football Manager 2024 is available to play on PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, tablet devices and mobile.

What new features will be on FM 2024?

Football Manager have released a new list of features, which you can find here.


Improved transfer market

Among them include improvements regarding the transfer market and finances. The latest game will see significant improvements to the ‘decision-making and team selection capabilities of AI managers’, while transfers will also improve from rival sides.

AI managers are now programmed to consider factors such as form and reputation when targeting players, in addition to recognising imbalances in their squad and targeting players specific to their style of play. This is likely to lead to greater competition – and more real-life accuracy – when attempting to sign players in the market.

Improved team selection

There have also been upgrades to how rival teams pick their line ups. Players with high potential ability are now likely to feature more regularly than before, rather than AI managers using the highest current ability players at their disposal.

Balancing the books

As part of attempts to mirror real-life football finances, FM24 will include ‘negative transfer budgets’. If you go into negative budget with overspending, you’ll receive a message informing that players or transfer clauses will need to be sold to address the club’s finances. Should you fail to do so in the specified time period, the board will take over and sell players for you, until the finances have been corrected.

FFP is also a more prominent part of FM24. Sanctions such as squad size reductions and transfer spending restrictions can be placed on clubs who fail to abide by the rules.

Other new features include


As part of this feature, managers will be able to ask player agents whether their client has received interest. The ‘Ask Agent About Market Interest’ should help offload unwanted assets, by assessing the transfer market before placing a player for sale.


Players can now be handed incentives in a bid to bring the best from them. These include: Training Improvements (New position, role, traits and average ratings), Goals, Assists, Clean Sheets, Match performances (first team or reserve team).

A prospective new signing’s pathway promise can now be set on whether they meet their targets.


Set-pieces are a vital part of any game-plan and you can now perfect yours better than ever before, with the introduction of set-piece coaches in FM24.

This is part of an improved set-piece creation feature, in which the players with the best attributes are selected for roles, rather than selection being dependent on their position on the pitch.


One of the big chances in FM24 is the introduction of improved positional play. With formations more fluid than ever before, Football Manager have worked to recognise this with ‘rotation changes’ which allow players in your side to interchange positions and cover gaps better than ever before.

Roaming liberos and inverted full-backs? It’s all included in FM24.

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