Fantasy Premier League: Mo Salah of Liverpool next to the FPL logo.
Fantasy Premier League: Mo Salah.
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Fantasy Premier League: When to use your wildcard and FPL chips?

Here are our Fantasy Premier League tips and advice on when is the best to use your second wildcard and the rest of your chips before the end of the 2023/24 season. 

One of the challenges with chips is that only one can be used in a single gameweek, meaning you have to plan carefully when you want to activate them to get the most out of it.

FPL Deadline: Saturday, February 10, 11:00am BST.

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Fantasy Premier League tips:


When to use the wildcard is almost entirely team dependent, but it’s important to use it at the right time. As the gang over at Fantasy Football First have written in their guide to using your wildcard and chips, the second wildcard is “especially valuable ahead of Double Gameweeks or to navigate fixture congestion in the season’s closing stages”.

We are entering a busy stage of the campaign, and there will be double and blank gameweeks for which you must plan ahead. Man City and Liverpool are confirmed to have a double in GW25, as do Brentford and Luton. By using your wildcard now, you can load up on players with two fixtures. However, keep in mind there are likely to be doubles in GW34 and GW37.

In GW26, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Luton all blank, so a wildcard could be utilised after that week to bring back in any of these players that you might have sold. Another blank gameweek is due to follow in GW29 due to the FA Cup, so the wildcard can be used to manoeuvre this tricky period.

It’s best to have a rough idea of when you want to use it, but don’t be rigid. Use your gut; if it doesn’t feel like you’ll get the most of wildcarding in a particular gameweek, then don’t waste it.


Free Hit

As per Fantasy Football First, the Free Hit chip “lets you field a full team without long-term squad disruptions”, meaning it is ideal for blank gameweeks when you may have multiple players not playing.

Gameweeks 26 and 29 would appear to be ideal times to cash this chip in. But this is also a handy chip to have in the back pocket should your FPL be plagued by injuries and suspensions.

Triple Captain

By far the best time to use the Triple Captain chip is in a double gameweek. As already mentioned, these are coming down the pike in gameweeks 25, 34 and 37.

Liverpool face Brentford away and Luton at home in what looks like an excellent pair of fixtures for DGW25. Mo Salah would be the perfect triple captain candidate, but doubts over his fitness may put the kibosh on that.

That same week, Man City face Chelsea and Brentford, with the games being at home. Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne are fit again, and Phil Foden is on fire. They could all be good picks for the armband.

Single gameweeks shouldn’t be discounted either, though. Favourable matchups provide fertile ground for maximising returns.


Bench Boost

Again, double gameweeks are the best time to employ the Bench Boost chip. It’s often best to follow up a wildcard with this one. For instance, you could bring in players from teams doubling next week on a wildcard now before bench boosting the following gameweek, so you have as many players who are playing twice as possible.

Of course, there are occasions when your FPL team is chock full of great picks and you can’t make your mind up who to leave out. Even on a single gameweek this can work out well, but we would still recommend holding for a double gameweek.

When do you plan on using your chips in FPL? Let us know in the comments below!

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