Chelsea legend Makelele insists that Mourinho loves his job at Manchester United

Former Chelsea midfielder Claude Makelele reckons his former coach Jose Mourinho is still very much in love with his job as a football manager.

Despite Manchester United manager Mourinho spending the last few months in a sullen humour after reportedly falling out with his club’s board, several of his star players, and the vast majority of the media, former midfield general Makelele reckons that his old boss still remains happy in his work.

“I think Jose [Mourinho] loves the job he does. He loves football,” said the former Chelsea midfielder to the media.

“He’s one of those amazing managers, I learnt a lot with him.

“He’s a competitor. He wants to give love to his players all the time. He wants to progress with the players he has.

“Sometimes everywhere is different. Football changes a lot, it’s like black and white, black and white, and he’s still there.

“I wish him good luck for this season in the Premier League.”

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