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Champions League revamp plans branded ‘dangerous’ by former UEFA chief exec

Plans to revamp the format of the Champions League have been branded ‘dangerous’ by the president of Europe’s football league’s association.

Lars-Christer Olsson has described plans to expand the Champions League as ‘an attempt to form a super league’, where Europe’s wealthiest clubs continue to get richer as proposals include giving 24 top clubs permanent participation in an expanded format.

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli is believed to be a driving force behind the proposals that would see promotion and relegation included, with Olsson saying the concept has been met with ‘huge opposition’ from member leagues and clubs across Europe.

“This is not even a new proposal – it is very similar to the proposals made by the old G14 [top] clubs 20 years ago, for a breakaway super league,” Olsson told The Guardian.

“But this is more dangerous because it is proposed under the auspices of Uefa, the governing body of European football.

“There has been huge opposition from our member leagues and clubs across Europe, from supporters and increasingly now from national associations, telling Uefa that this closed shop is a proposal for the richest clubs to get even wealthier. This is an attempt to form a super league, absolutely.”