Average Premier League weekly wage now above £50,000 per week


A new study by Sportingintelligence named the Global Sports Salaries Survey has revealed that the average wage a Premier League footballer receives has now surpassed the £50,000 per week mark.

The report was featured on the BBC today and disclosed that the average wage in England’s top-flight has risen to £2,642,508 per year – or £50,817 per week.

Surprisingly, no Premier League team made it into the top 10 when it came to annual wages paid by sports teams; seven of the top 10 came from America’s NBA and the three other places were taken by European powerhouses Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG.

Manchester United and Manchester City are the highest paying teams in England, although they only came in at number 23 and 24 in the list.



The report also highlighted the huge difference in salaries between male and female football. Neymar’s £40 million per-year salary at PSG is in fact, more than the salaries of every female professional footballer in England combined.

The list of what the Premier League’s top six annual pay amounts to is as follows; Manchester United (£5.241m) Manchester City’s (£5.235m.), Chelsea (£4.451m), Arsenal (£4.037m), Liverpool (£3.649m) and Tottenham (£3.154m).

Although nobody can blame professional footballers for being paid the amount of money they receive from clubs, this report will do little to stem the growing feeling that average fans are becoming more and more disconnected from the high-paid players that represent the teams they support.

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