Arsenal legend calls for Arsene Wenger to leave

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has called on Arsene Wenger to leave the club, saying he ‘could not make a case’ for him to stay beyond the end of the season.

Arsenal currently lie in sixth place in the Premier League, a staggering 27 points behind league leaders Manchester City, with that gap potentially extending to 30 on Thursday when the duo meet at the Emirates. They are also 10 points behind Tottenham in the race to finish in the top four, and are actually closer to the bottom of the table on points than they are at the top.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, the Gunners put in a woeful performance on the League Cup final on Sunday, with Thursdays visitors Man City coasting to a 3-0 win at Wembley. The performance drew plenty of criticism from fans and pundits alike, with Gary Neville calling the performance, ‘spineless’.

Now, Arsenal legend Ian Wright has waded in to pile more criticism on his former side:

“There are excuses [from Wenger] and he is mollycoddling a team,” Wright told BBC Radio 5 live.

“Whether he stays at the end of this season, I could not make a case. I am not sure anyone can. This development of mediocrity has to be arrested.”

“I want Arsenal to challenge again, for them to sign players who will get you excited. I want someone in the boardroom who will lay it down. A few of the players are on easy street, own properties and are renting them out.

“How long would it take Arsenal to get back? It will take them a few years. Everyone is progressing and moving forward in that top five. Arsenal are going the other way. They need to stop it, get a successful manager then get players to go forward. It is a long road.”

The criticism however is in stark contrast to the talk just a few weeks ago, with everybody waxing lyrical about the Gunners performance after they destroyed Everton 5-1 at the Emirates, with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang taking starring roles on that day.

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