Zlatan reveals why he took on the ‘challenge’ of the Premier League

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said that his move to the Premier League in 2016 was triggered by those who advised him against it, saying it was just the ‘challenge’ he needed.

Ibrahomovic is of course one of the goliaths of the footballing world, scoring goals and winning titles wherever he has been.

The former Sweden international’s career has seen him take in virtually every major league in Europe, playing for Malmo, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG and Manchester United, before moving to LA Galaxy earlier this year.

He didn’t move to the Premier League until the grand old age of 34, and he has revealed that many people thought that his move to United would not be good for his career.

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“When I went to England I was talking to different players that I knew well and trusted that would give me an honest opinion,” Zlatan told the BBC.

“From all of them everyone said do not do it, they said it would not be good for my career because you put your whole career on one season. If you do not do a good season people will say the rest of the things you did before were useless because you didn’t make it in England, but that triggered me and that’s the challenge I wanted.

“I went against everyone and said that’s what I wanted to do. They thought I was too old, I was 35 and I made the Premier League look old. It took me three months to convince everyone who I was. That was the challenge and I never turn down a challenge.”

Zlatan would go on to score 29 goals in 53 appearances for the Red Devils, winning the Europa League and the League Cup during his 18 months at the club.

He has since scored an impressive 22 goals in 27 appearances in the MLS for Los Angeles based club, LA Galaxy.

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