Solskjaer admits ‘it’s not nice’ seeing Man City and Liverpool fighting for title

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admits seeing rivals Manchester City and Liverpool compete for the Premier League title is ‘not nice’.

Solskjaer’s side could have a major impact on the destination of the title as they face local rivals City in the Manchester derby on Wednesday night, with the club also in desperate need of points as they chase a top-four finish.

Ahead of the clash, Solskjaer says his future ambitions are to overtake the duo, though admits seeing the club’s two fiercest rivals fighting for the title is ‘not nice’ to watch.

“It’s not about taking something away from others,” Solskjaer told his pre-match press conference.

“We have to want to overtake them, and not just because it’s City and Liverpool. For a supporter, as I am, and as a manager now as well, we know [them well] because they are so close in the vicinity.

“We want to be the best, we have been the best and it’s not nice seeing those two at the top.“