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Smith reveals just how special being Aston Villa boss is to him

Dean Smith has insisted that being appointed Aston Villa boss has not quite sunk in yet. 

The former Brentford boss took charge of the club when the Midlands outfit sacked Steve Bruce earlier this season.

Smith and all his family are life long Villa fans and he has admitted that because of his close association with the club he is still coming to terms with the fact that he is now the man in charge at Villa Park.

“I don’t think it actually has [registered] yet,” Smith told Sky Sports.

“I keep saying that I’ve been coaching for the last 13 years and I’ve been involved in professional football for 30 years, so it is my job and I really enjoy it, but it is a little bit special because, as my family keep saying to me, it’s the Villa.

“I do have that drummed home to me quite a bit, but I would class myself as a good professional and I try not to let that affect me. The job so far has been really enjoyable, possibly more than what I expected it to be and that has been pleasing.”

“I’ve never been one to be looking at [other jobs], though, because I’m too respectful of the people in the jobs and I wouldn’t like people to be looking at mine in the same way.

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“While I’m really pleased to be here, I’m very disappointed for the people who have lost their jobs: Steve [Bruce] and his staff. I’m very disappointed for them, especially after the season they had last year.”

“The family were the most emotional,”

“I think the wife and my daughter shed a few tears, my mother especially. My dad was a steward there for 25 years and unfortunately he’s got dementia now so he wouldn’t have even registered what was happening.

“So there were a lot of tears, but for me it was a game and I had to make sure the players put in a really good performance and got the result. Fortunately for me, we did that.

The club suffered a loss against Norwich City last time out, and despite their win against the Swans in Smiths first game in charge, the new boss wants to rack up more wins and soon.

“It was a big relief. You want to go and win football games, that’s what we are here for. I know people have talked of me as a coach and a builder, but I also know that you’ve got to go and get results as well.

“The supporters want to see good, entertaining, flowing football, but they also want to see wins. There’s two sides of the work that you have to do to go and get that result.”

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