Shearer urges Arsenal fans to be patient with Unai Emery

Premier League legend Alan Shearer has told Arsenal fans to have some patience with Unai Emery after the Gunners lost their first two games of the season.

Having played Man City and Chelsea in the first two games of the season, it’s hardly a massive surprise that Arsenal haven’t yet earned their first Premier League points. However, what has been more concerning is the manner of the defeats, with Arsenal’s defence looking as shambolic as it ever did under Arsene Wenger at times, especially against Chelsea.

Former Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer has though urged Arsenal fans to be patient with their new boss, insisting it could take 18 months to finally get it right at the Emirates:

“It is going to be hugely difficult for Unai Emery to get rid of the scent of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal,” Shearer wrote in his column for The Sun.

“Wenger’s stamp is all over that football club — in and around the training ground, in and around the Emirates.

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“And it is very difficult for any manager to follow someone who has been at a club for so many years.

“Just look at David Moyes when he followed Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

You cannot expect a guy to be in a club for six weeks and miraculously turn it around and for everything to be rosy again straight away.

“Arsenal are going to have to suffer for a while and, like it or not, they are going to have to be patient.

“It’s small steps. There is no point saying the manager won’t cut it or he won’t be good at this or that.

“He will probably need 18 months and three transfer windows to get rid of Wenger’s shadow.”

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