Shaw: Mourinho gives me confidence

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has revealed that manager Jose Mourinho gives him confidence, despite the Portuguese boss reportedly keen to sell him.

Shaw has seemingly become one of the players not wanted at Old Trafford by Jose Mourinho following two years of disappointing performances under the Portuguese boss.

Despite struggling to break into the Manchester United squad on a regular basis, Shaw has revealed that despite being on the end of some public humiliations, he still has the full backing of his manager, who fills him full of confidence:

“There were no doubts but there has been emotion,” Shaw told the Guardian.

“I was very upset but he [Mourinho] only does stuff like that because he knows what I can do. We’ve had this conversation. He said he knows I can be the best but he sometimes feels frustrated that I’m not doing that.

“He knows what I can do. That was one of the texts he sent me in the off-season: ‘I know what you can do – you can be the best but you’ve just got to work on a couple of things.’ That’s why it pushes me on more. He says these things because he knows I can do it. He knows I can play for Manchester United.

“It’s horrible at times because people only see those things he says [in public]. That’s fine because I’m a grown man and I can take stuff like that. I’m used to it. But the stuff inside the training ground, no one sees apart from me. It still gives me confidence.”

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