Pundit hammers ‘irritating’ Man Utd midfielder

Fresh off the back of his FA Cup heroics, Ander Herrera has been branded as “the most irritating player in the Premier League.”

The midfielder had put in a good performance in midweek against Bournemouth to cement his place in the Man Utd midfield for their semi-final against Tottenham. He continued his form he had displayed on the South Coast into the weekend, scoring the winning goal to set up a Wembley finale against Chelsea.

However, despite his impressive performance at the weekend Garth Crooks has had a rather scathing assessment of the Spanish midfielder:

“I find Ander Herrera the most irritating player in the Premier League,” he told the BBC.

“He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. But if he’s not pulling your shirt, he’s leaving his foot in on his opposite number and if anyone touches him he goes down as if he’s been poleaxed.

“Against Spurs in the FA Cup semi-final, Herrera did all of those things and much more. He took care of Mousa Dembele in the first half and then imposed himself on the rest of the game. In fact, he seemed to be everywhere.

“For your performance to be so infectious and yet somehow remain on the field takes some doing. I suppose that’s what Jose Mourinho calls a winning mentality.”

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