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Neville urges Woodward to back Solskjaer

Gary Neville has urged Ed Woodward to give Ole Gunnar Solskaer the necessary backing in this summer’s transfer market after the Norwegian was announced as Manchester United’s new permanent manager.

Neville famously went on an impassioned tirade about Ed Woodward back in October when reports surfaced that Jose Mourinho would be imminently sacked, saying that the club was ‘rotten to the core’ and suggesting that Woodward should take responsibility for the situation the club found themselves in.

Woodward was of course the man responsible for all three managerial appointments since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, and oversaw a number of highly disappointing transfer windows after missing out on a number of key transfer targets.

Now, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being announced as the Manchester United‘s permanent manager, Neville has once again sent a message to Woodward saying that it is ‘absolutely essential’ that the Norwegian is backed this summer.

“Solskajer does need the right support around him now and that was something I said a few months ago,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“The structures and the quality of the people around him to ensure Manchester United get ahead of the game in recruitment is critical. Solskjaer is not going to be a success at Man Utd unless he gets the right people around him on recruitment and gets the right players in. That is absolutely essential.

“And the amount of money Man Utd will spend will be big, but over the last few years, the club haven’t fallen short and have always supported the managers. I don’t think the club will fall short in financial terms, they will spend the money.

“It is in the back of my mind that the players have been fantastic in these last few months for Ole, but they are the same players that downed tools under Jose Mourinho and I’m conscious in my mind that the players need maintain that same level of concentration, determination and attitude now that Ole has been made the permanent manager.

“That is the critical thing – getting the signings right, getting the people around Ole right and making sure that the players, although the performances have improved, can continue to maintain the levels they’ve been at over the last three months and don’t dip back to where they were before.”

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