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Neville reveals media advice Arsenal legend gave him

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has revealed the advice that former Arsenal captain Tony Adams gave him as a youngster for dealing with criticism from the media.

The Sky Sports pundit said :

I remember Tony Adams saying to me early in my career that over your career of 18-20 years you are going to get praise and criticism in the media, but not to listen to either. You’re going to have highs and lows and I have no idea why managers pay any attention to what is said on TV.

The worst thing is being ignored. If you are being talked about it means you are doing something right.

Neville’s comments come after Jose Mourinho hit back at criticism from another former United player Paul Scholes.

Tony Adams has not exactly been reknowned in recent times for giving good advice, but in all fairness the method of dealing with the media he gave Neville all those years ago seems to be even more prevalent in these days of non-stop sensationalist football reporting.

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