Lukaku opens up about his commitment to constantly improve

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has provided a fascinating insight into how committed he is to making the best of his career as a professional footballer.

Despite only being 25 Lukaku has scored over 100 Premier League goals and is already Belgium highest goal scorer of all-time having found the net 43 times for his Country.

Lukaku recently appeared on the BBC’s Football Focus show and he opened up about how he is constantly assessing his performances and learning from his mistakes, as well as revealing that he puts everything he has into maximising his talent:

“I try to look at as many games as I can from the season before, the mistakes I have done and the points I can improve on,” he said.

“In the first week, we come in and analyse what I want to work on throughout the season.

“The reason I score more and more goals, season after season, is I know my mistakes from the past, I know my strengths and I work on my strengths, but the little points I want to get better and it’s constant.

“Football is what, 15 years? I want to invest 100% of my life into the game, so when it’s all said and done, I don’t want to have regrets.”

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