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It’s now the top five, Arsenal no longer deserve their place amongst elite

There has been much hype surrounding the Premier League’s so called top-six in recent seasons. While all these club’s will never be ultimately equal the general feeling is that due to Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal all starting the season with the same ultimate goal of challenging for the Premier League title and other domestic honours it allows us to easily group them together as England’s elite football clubs.

However, what has become abundantly clear over the course of this season is that Arsene Wenger and his players no longer deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the five club’s occupying the places above them in the league table.

Arsenal’s feeble surrender to Man City in the Carabao Cup Final last weekend, and the subsequent boycotting of last night’s repeated mauling at the hands of Pep Guardiola’s side at the Emirates, seem to have signalled that the end is nye for The Gunners long reigning French coach.

The problem is that these capitulations against other elite club’s have become so common place over the last decade that listing them off would simply take too long.

Basically however, nobody was very surprised by the dysfunctional spiritless dross that Arsenal’s players have served up over the last week. It no longer shocks or astounds fans to see The Gunners pumped by three, four or five goals against top level opposition, so common place has it become.

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Wenger is arguably even more culpable than his underperforming players, for it is he who is constantly picking the same players, who then surprise surprise make the exact same mistakes again.

For example how the 68-year-old coach somehow thought that a midfield two of Xhaka and Ramsey that was so brutally exposed against City last weekend would all of sudden be fit for purpose at the Emirates last night. This gives the impression of a man that is either stupid or just plain arrogant.

Arsenal’s board also deserve censor for not having the balls to move their long serving manager on last season, even when it has been obvious for years that the club’s spiral of underachievement is growing progressively worse by the year.

This is the same manager, same players, and same board trying the same tried old tactics and getting the same terrible results year on year.

The culture of acceptance of failure and the complete lack of accountability for incompetence has lead to a disassociation with almost the entire fanbase, and has left a once proud club looking rotten to the core.

It is now clear that whoever is tasked with rebuilding Arsenal next season has a massive job on their hands. Until Wenger is gone and the club has a squad of players that does not roll over meekly almost every time they face top class opposition, The Gunners no longer deserved to be included in a collective of clubs known as the top-six.

Goodbye Arsenal, and good luck bridging the gap between yourselves and the top five.

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