Giggs: Manchester United should stick with Jose Mourinho

Ryan Giggs thinks Manchester United should stick with Jose Mourinho as their manager following their difficult start to the Premier League campaign.

Manchester United have suffered two defeats in their opening three Premier League games, with the 3-0 defeat to Spurs on Monday night seeing many question whether Mourinho is the right man for the job.

However, club legend Ryan Giggs has thrown his backing behind the Portuguese, saying he understands his frustrations in the wake of the defeat:

“It’s always difficult as a manager after a result like that,” Giggs told Sky Sports News.

“I was at the game (against Spurs) and I understand Jose’s frustration because on another day, United win that game. They didn’t, and then because of the way the game ended with the third goal, it looks worse than it was.

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“Obviously losing the game before (against Brighton) everything gathers pace, but the good thing about football is you always have the next game to come back, and I think its all about concentrating on that game against Burnley. Everything else is noise.

“Everything else is noise on the outside that you can’t control, you can only control what you can do and Manchester United have got a fantastic manager, a fantastic group of players and obviously it’s my club, a fantastic club so they will come out of it, hopefully, sooner rather than later.”

Asked about him being one of the favourites to replace Mourinho, Giggs was quick to dampen those rumours:

“Its one of the reason’s why I don’t read papers.

“I’m used to all the speculation, as far as I am concerned, Manchester United have got a fantastic manager already there. The club are going through a tough time but you have got to come through those tough times and I don’t see where Manchester United go after Jose Mourinho.

“I think they have got the right man and they should stick with him, and the club, the players and the fans shoudl stick together.”

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