Defoe: Manchester United ‘can’t compete’ with Man City or Liverpool

Jermaine Defoe has said that Manchester United cannot compete with the likes of Man City and Liverpool after watching their shock defeat against Brighton.

Having watched Man City dismantle Huddersfield 6-1 earlier in the day, and Liverpool put four past West Ham last week, Manchester United suffered their first defeat of the season in what was a lacklustre performance against Brighton.

Bournemouth striker Jermain Defoe said that the manner of the defeat for United highlights just how far they are behind their Premier League rivals, with so-called lesser teams seemingly not scared of them:

“If you look at this Manchester United team, if they play Manchester City or Liverpool they can’t compete. It’s a complete contrast to how they used to be,” Defoe told Sky Sports.

“It’s not how it used to be. I remember playing Manchester United when you went into games and you knew everybody would have to be on it to get a result. You look at Brighton today and they probably thought they had a chance. That’s how much it has changed.”

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