Blackburn boss Mowbray admits West Brom return will be emotional

Tony Mowbray believes going back to his former club West Brom will be an emotional day as he takes his Blackburn side to the Hawthorns on Saturday.

Mowbray was West Brom manager between 2006 and 2009, before taking charge of Celtic. But, the Blackburn manager insists it was never a simple choice to depart the club.

“The fans were so good to me on the back of relegation,” he told BBC Sport.

“We were saluted all around the pitch on the day we did get relegated at home to Liverpool. And it was never an easy decision to leave.

“It was an emotional decision for me. I’m an emotional guy. I live my life for my family and my football.

But, Mowbray believes that going to Celtic was something that he could not turn down, primarily thanks to the support of the fans.

“I’d had a loss in my life and it happened up in that part of the world and the Celtic supporters at the time had been amazingly supportive of me.

“When they came calling I thought it was just the right thing to do. It was an emotional not a professional decision.

“You make your decisions and sometimes you have the benefit of hindsight. But you can’t go through your life with regrets.”

However, since departing he has taken charge of Rovers and he will be hoping he can get all three points at his former side this Saturday.

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