‘You stopped me worrying about my next pay date’ The King of Gambling lets us in on his secrets of success, strategy and… sympathy!?

In a quiet, underground section of the tipping world, a movement has been gathering unprecedented momentum… and it’s all down to ambition, honesty and strategy, according to the King of Gambling.

A tipping site that now has 2000+ active members, as well as an 80,000+ following across social media has been getting all the attention for its seemingly clairvoyant predictions in the football (not the fake American version) betting market.

How it works

We have all seen these offer before, sign-up bonus here, first bet is free there etc! The refreshing step-change in the King of Gambling is his independence, by having absolutely zero affiliation with any betting providers.

The tips given are there to create return, nothing more. No hooks to sites or purposeful leaning to promotions. Good, honest tips. All it takes is a sign-up on his page, then you’re added to a group on telegram and you are away.

You will then get advice on what matches to bet on, where the best odds are, and a screengrab of the King himself advising what bet he is doing. His bets can range anywhere from £5 – £500 but he keeps it honest.

He will advise on low stake, cash out, and in-play events too. He and his team of researchers work full-time on developing daily tips for his loyal subjects.

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Honesty is the best policy

We asked the CEO Mr Surmeli why he thought he had seen such growth in his site. He commented

‘It’s incredible to see so much interest in our group now. I think initially what started out as a closed group of friends has grown into a community of people, and I put that down to honesty and sympathy,’ Surmeli said.

‘I really sympathise when I see someone come into the group with £5 wanting to grow it, it gives me drive to beat the bookies for them as well as me! And when I see them come back to me with over £500 it’s beautiful!’.

‘Now I want to keep doing that for more people, lockdown has sparked an interest in our group as it has made people develop and enhance their own income, some of the feedback has been overwhelming, from general ‘thanks’ right through to people bringing a tear to my eye as we are helping them save money during such a tough time’

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Where next?

This explosion of interest has made the King of Gambling set his sights higher, aiming to become one of the most used tipping services in the UK.

He also issues a stark warning, with great success comes great (or sometimes not so great) impersonators.

He warns: ‘We have already seen a few guys trying to take our tips and pass them off as their own, even setting up sites that look remarkably similar to ours. Avoid these sites as the game changes quickly, by the time you are seeing these tips, I’ve likely already told our crew to cash out. You are better off sticking with the King!’

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