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Who are we?

The Football Faithful is one of the fastest growing Premier League websites in the World. We are based in the U.K. and Ireland, and bring our readers all the latest news, opinions and nostalgia about all things Premier League.

Our content currently reaches up to 1 million readers per month, while we also have our weekly Podcast, with Sam and the team picking through the bones of all the latest action.

We are currently looking to add more writers to join our team on a regular basis to enhance our offering, and there are plenty of benefits to joining our team.

What are the ‘DEEP’ benefits at The Football Faithful?

Here at The Football Faithful, we have four key benefits that make us an attractive option for any budding writer.

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We provide help and guidance to all of our writers in order to develop your style of writing. While everyone has a different style, we believe that with our assistance, everyone can pick up something new from our experienced team.


As you can see from our website, we offer a wide array of articles, whether it be Latest News, Transfer Stories, Opinion pieces, or our array of Featured articles (Five of the best, Legends, Quotes etc), meaning that a place on our writing team offers a chance to gain experience in writing a range of different types of articles.

We appreciate that some of our writers will have ambitions of going on to become full-time football journalists, and we believe that gaining experience with The Football Faithful will help develop an excellent portfolio of work.

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We know many people try to set up their own blogs and websites that will ultimately be competing in what is an already crowded market space. By joining The Football Faithful, we already have our foot in that market place, as well as a growing audience and social media presence.

Our content is distributed to various sources around the World, meaning that your articles could be seen by millions of people every year, and help gain a reputation within your given community.


As part of joining our writing team, we are able to offer performance related monthly payments.

Our brand new payment scheme means that for every 1,000 views of our website, we can offer payment of $1, meaning that you can earn some extra cash depending on just how much writing you do, how far it is shared, and of course, the quality of the writing.

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What do we need from our writers?

We ask all of our writers to be dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable and keep us up to date with your availability.

What next?

– All of our writers must be able to prove a good standard of writing by providing sample articles.

– Sample articles must be unique and haven’t been published elsewhere before submitting.

– Sample articles must be in line with the standard already produced on our website.

– Send us an email to [email protected]

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