Why Football Is The Best Sport To Bet On

Association football (aka “soccer”) reigns supreme of all the sports played worldwide. While some sports may generate more revenue, football has by far the largest fan base and the largest number of professional teams and players. On top of that, it’s also the sport with the largest volume of wagers in sports betting.

People around the world follow football and bet on it. There’s no contesting the popularity of soccer betting in South Africa, a country known for its performance in rugby, and North America, where soccer is not even among the top 3 most popular sports. What makes association football the best sport to bet on?

A global sport

With great popularity comes a great bettor base. According to the latest estimates, football is followed by almost half of the world’s population (around 3.5 billion people). This includes every type of fan, from casual ones to fanatics who know their favourite teams’ statistics and chances by heart.

Those with even a basic knowledge of the sport can make informed predictions about the likely outcome of a football match. This makes football betting an accessible pastime for a huge number of people.

A large number of betting markets

Most football fans only care about the result of a match – which team wins and which team loses. And many bet on this, predicting whether it’s the home team or the visiting team that will win, or perhaps a draw. But punters can bet on a lot more beyond the matchwinner.

From safer bets like the interval of total goals scored in a match to more obscure things like the player scoring the last goal or whether a player will be handed a red card, there are countless markets to place a bet on. There’s something to fit every punter’s knowledge of the sport and risk tolerance.

A big pile of statistics

The result of a football match can be predicted based on the teams’ and players’ stats. And these stats are available freely on the internet. Countless websites offer punters access to detailed stats based on which they can predict how many goals to expect in an upcoming game or which players are the most likely to score.

While these predictions can’t always be correct – there is a lot of room for the unexpected in any football game – they make the punters’ job easier.

Huge communities

Football has created communities long before the internet. Now, with such easy access to social media and forums, there are countless ways in which fans and punters can discuss their favourite sport – and make predictions.

There are not only communities dedicated to the sport but also ones focused on betting – these two often overlap.

Proven strategies

Even with all of the above, betting on football is not simple. But those at the beginning of their roads have various resources to reach out to, proven, tried-and-tested strategies shared by those with more experience. Everything from correct bankroll management and responsible betting practices to daily betting tips and analyses is available online for everyone to read and use to ensure an overall positive and safe betting experience.

From a large pool of punters to detailed stats and strategies, these are the things that make association football the best sport to bet on. Use them – especially the responsible betting practices – to enhance your football experience with a few friendly bets.

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