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Where to find top betting sites in the UK?

The United Kingdom is the home of one of the most cherished football leagues in the world — the English Premier League. The love for sports is one of the factors contributing to the remarkable growth of gambling in the UK. Betting presents a money-making chance while you enjoy the sports you love.

“As expected, lots of online bookies are operating in the United Kingdom. Most punters choose bookies based on their needs. For instance, some UK bookie offers have lower wagering requirements than others while some offer very strict and difficult T&C’s for bonuses. In this article, I will share insights into where to find top bookies in the UK as the sportsbook you choose can dictate your betting experience,” says Dipo Lukman of, a sports betting writer and expert in bookmaker reviews.

Your bookmaker is just as important as the wagers you place hence you need to be careful when choosing bookies. If you are a beginner, you are more likely to choose the wrong bookmaker but do not worry, this article is about making the best bookie choice. This article was conducted by Takebet experts, they offer expert analysis on the betting market, including betting sites and bonuses reviews, 1×2 betting tips, competition for betting predictions and other.

Is sports betting legal in the UK?

Yes, sports betting is legal in the United Kingdom. The gambling industry was legalized in 1960 and is backed by the Betting and Gaming Act. You can engage in sports betting and you wouldn’t be committing any crime.

However, gambling laws in the UK are more stringent and enforced compared to other countries, you do not want yourself committing a crime due to ignorance. All sports betting sites need a legal license to operate in the country. Before anything, ensure that the bookmaker you’re considering is legally permitted to function in the UK.

Where to look for proven betting companies in the UK?

There are several betting companies in the UK but where do you look for the proven ones? Again, it is important to filter the noise and only go for the best sites.

You will easily find recommendations for proven UK bookmakers. You can check online for reviews or even get recommendations from other UK punters. However, ensure you do your own assessment of these recommendations.

Bear in mind that all these betting sites have a competitive advantage over their competitors. For instance, Sporting Index offers a better spread than most bookies. Likewise, Bet 365 and Paddy Power are preferred for football betting. Ensure you choose a sportsbook that suits your own needs.

Here are some of the proven online gambling sites in the UK:

  1. Betway Sports
  2. Paddy Power
  3. Bet365
  4. BetVictor
  5. Sporting Index
  6. BetUK
  7. 888Sports
  8. 32Bet
  9. Sky Bet
  10. BoyleSports

How to choose the best betting site in the UK? 

When choosing betting sites, there are some criteria to be considered. These criteria will serve as a guide and help you to make a better bookie choice.

Here are some of the criteria UK players should consider:


As mentioned earlier, betting is regulated in the UK, and betting sites need a license to legally function within UK jurisdiction. Most betting sites add proof of their legality on their website but if you don’t want to bank on their proof, you may do even further vetting.

Ensuring a sportsbook is legal doesn’t only prevent you from committing an offense but also protects you from scams. It is better to be safe than sorry. However, note that if you are using an offshore bookie, you don’t need to worry about its legality as a gambling license is not needed by offshore bookies.

Betting Markets 

Another thing to consider is the betting markets the bookie offers. Do they only offer limited sports? Do they offer an extensive range of betting markets?

When a sportsbook offers a wide range of sports and betting markets, it gives you flexibility as a punter. Top bookies allow bettors to place bets on several sports like football, basketball, horse racing, baseball, ice hockey, and others. Some of the popular football betting markets are over/under, correct scores, goalscorer, draw no bet, and more.

Asides from sports, most bookies have a category for online casino and virtual games betting.


First, let me explain the concept of odds. Odds are the probability of an event happening from a sportsbook’s perspective. You may notice that the odds offered vary with bookmakers. A bookmaker may offer 1.3 odds for Manchester City to beat Liverpool while a different bookie may offer 1.5 for the same event.

The higher the probability of an event occurring, the lower the odds which is why you notice bookies giving higher odds to the underdogs of a football match. In essence, top bookies offer competitive odds which is what you should target as a punter. 

However, you should be aware that some deceptive bookies will purposely offer high odds to entice customers. If the odds offer seem too good to be true, it is better to stay away from such a bookie.

Speed of Payout 

Punters love it when bookmakers process their winnings with speed. The payout speed varies with the bookie and also depends on how large the winning is. Payouts are usually completed within 24 hours but higher amounts may take more time.

Bonuses and Promotions 

Bonuses are one of punters’ favorite things in betting. Bonuses and promotional offers are parts of bookies’ strategies to encourage bettors to place wagers. These bonuses usually come in free bets that help you reduce your risk and position you to win more.

Customer Service 

It is not unusual to experience difficulties when using a platform. If the customer service of a bookmaker is responsive and helpful, it shows that such a bookie cherishes its customers. Always go for betting sites with 24-hour customer support as you may need help anytime.

Deposit and withdrawal options in the UK 

Deposit and withdrawal options vary with bookies as some have more diverse payment methods than others. Verifies information on payment options for each bookie can be found on the official betting site. Some of the common payment options are bank deposits, Apple Pay, Paypal, Skrill, Visa, and Mastercard.


While gambling may present a money-making opportunity, the risks should not be ignored. Don’t bet more than you can lose nor chase your losses.

I hope this article has shed some light on how to choose the best bookies. Happy betting.

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