What to expect in the 2022 NFL season

The NFL has become the premier sports league in America. It has also become one of the world’s most popular sporting institutions in the last decade. The league has grown leaps and bounds over the past two decades. 

And as we look to the future, there is no end to its potential. With that being said, challenges always come with managing such a large and successful organization. 

The biggest challenge for the NFL in 2022 will be dealing with an extremely condensed schedule. We know numerous challenges are in front of us, but what can we expect from the 2022 NFL season? Let’s take a look and get the latest from NFL.

The 2022 NFL schedule is going to be a mess.

There are two major issues with the 2022 NFL schedule. First, the league must account for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. Second, a condensed, regular season followed by a long-term contract for Thursday Night Football. 

The first issue is pretty simple. The NFL has a contract with the Olympic committee that states they cannot play games in Los Angeles on the same day as the Olympics. The other issue is a bit more complicated. 

The NFL deals with FOX that they air a game on Thursday night each week. This season, that game will start at 8:20 PM ET. Most teams will end up playing four Thursday games each season. The NFL wants to expand that to six games. With those two issues in mind, the NFL will likely have to find creative solutions to the 2022 schedule.

Expansion of the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft always draws high viewership. The NFL Draft has grown into one of the year’s most anticipated and viewed sports events. There is always talk of extending the draft to a few days to make it last even longer. But what if the NFL Draft became something much bigger? 

What if the draft was extended to an entire week or even a month? What if the entire NFL calendar revolved around the draft? While this obviously won’t happen anytime soon, it’s not entirely out of the question. 

The NFL Draft is already one of the league’s most essential and lucrative events. It’s also the primary source of new talent for the league. What if the league decided to make the draft an even bigger event? What if the entire league calendar revolved around drafting new talent?

Rise of eSports and virtual reality

The NFL has been an early adopter of new technologies like virtual reality. The league also holds a major eSports tournament every year. These events have seen huge success over the last few years. 

As the NFL continues to grow, we can expect to see these events increase in popularity. eSports is expected to become a $1.5 billion industry by 2021. Major eSports tournaments are regularly hosted by major stadiums and arenas. 

Virtual reality has become one of the most promising technologies in recent years. There are many ways the NFL can utilize VR technology. VR could be used to enhance the viewing experience. It could also become a major part of coaching. 

VR could be used to help coaches and players improve their games. It could allow them to practice and play against other teams in simulated environments. The technology is still relatively new, so the NFL has plenty of opportunities to make it a major part of the game.

Expect more rule changes for safety

The NFL has always paid close attention to player safety. With new technology, the league will have more information than ever before. We can expect more rule changes designed to protect players. 

The NFL may also find ways to use the new technology to punish and eliminate dangerous play. With more advanced statistics and data, the NFL may find a way to punish dangerous players without having to rely on officials. 

The league will also have better tools to evaluate potential players and draft picks. The NFL has also become a leader in sports analytics. The league has set the standard for tracking and analyzing player performance. We can expect to see the NFL use this data to make the game safer and more efficient.

Pro Bowl & Super Bowl

The Pro Bowl has been a popular annual tradition since 1951. The Pro Bowl has been very successful, but it is also criticized for being boring. The NFL has toyed with the idea of eliminating the Pro Bowl. 

The NFL will likely continue to evaluate the future of the Pro Bowl. There is also a chance that the Pro Bowl becomes an annual all-star game to replace the NFC and AFC Championship game. 

The annual Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event in the world. The 2022 Super Bowl will be played in the new Los Angeles Stadium. The new stadium will be state of the art. It will provide the perfect setting for the Super Bowl.

New Stadium and better technology

The NFL has played in the Los Angeles Coliseum since 1982. The area around the stadium has become an urban sprawl in recent years. The LA Coliseum has become a dated and run-down sports complex. 

The NFL will likely find a new venue for the Los Angeles team. The league could also decide to hold the 2022 Super Bowl in the new Los Angeles Stadium. The new stadium will be built with today’s technology in mind. 

It will also be designed to maximize revenue and fan experience. Fans will enjoy a technologically advanced stadium with better seating, better WiFi, and better food. The new stadium will also be designed to maximize revenue.


The NFL has come a long way in the last few decades. It has grown into one of the most popular and successful sports leagues in the world. As the NFL continues to grow, there are always new challenges and obstacles to overcome. 

With that being said, the biggest challenge for the NFL in 2022 will be dealing with an extremely condensed schedule. There are two major issues with the 2022 NFL schedule. 

First, the league has to account for the 2028 Olympics being hosted in Los Angeles. Second, a condensed regular season followed by a long-term contract for Thursday Night Football.

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