VIP-IBC: A betting platform to wager on football

Football is currently the most popular sport to bet on worldwide. It is easy to understand why; since it has a privileged place in people’s minds and hearts regardless of their nationality. Furthermore, it also has a great variety of markets, which contributes to improving its position. However, there comes a time when a bettor is experienced enough to feel that the offers from a single bookmaker, no matter how good they are, stop being enough to make the most profits out of each match.

Additionally, many punters, whether seasoned or novice, do not have the time to spend taking fully informed decisions before selecting a second or third bookie to bet on, leading to the risk of getting cut up in some kind of shady business. That need was exactly what inspired the creation of VIP-IBC, a brand that comes to their rescue offering services that take those concerns out of the way and provides a much easier and complete betting experience. In fact, when bettors open an account at the best betting platform they can be certain that a team of professionals in different areas has gone through all the necessary steps to provide them with solutions. Nevertheless, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and instead review it properly, starting with some basic information:

The concept behind VIP-IBC

A betting platform is a relatively new concept in the betting industry. Contrary to sportsbooks (betting houses that offer fixed odds) and even exchanges (where players bet against each other), platforms are not bookies and they have nothing to do with the betting process. Instead of offering their odds, they gather the best online bookmakers in one place, then sort out their prices and display them next to each other for users to compare them at a single glance and take an appropriate decision.

The best part is that they do not need to choose just one, since the software not only always selects the best offer by default but also allows punters to place multiple bets at the same time without any extra step. This guarantees that betting limits are less likely to become a problem for punters regardless of their betting needs.

Other services offered by VIP-IBC

So far we have only mentioned services that are best suited for seasoned and professional bettors, which can lead readers to think those are the only type of clients that VIP-IBC satisfies. Nothing farther from the truth, though. The best betting platform wouldn’t be able to call itself that if advice and predictions about the outcome of a match weren’t given to the bettors. Therefore, VIP-IBC posts a list of such tips, which by the way come from experts with great insight and experience in the field, on their page for free. In other words, all users can access them in order to take a well-informed decision without the hustle of researching it on their all.

Regarding the funding of your account, VIP-IBC has a wide range of payment options in place. They include the usual and somewhat traditional bank transfers, e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, and even cryptocurrencies in the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Moreover, if you are not a fan of electronic payments or do not want to expose your financial information, you can still fund your betting account using CashToCode, a revolutionary system that allows punters to pay cash on affiliated businesses.


To all the aforementioned features, we need to add a team composed of professional customer support providers that assist punters whenever needed regardless of the time or date. Additionally, the website itself is state-of-the-art and has the most cutting-edge security protocols that keep all personal, financial, and betting information away from unauthorized eyes. Despite that, it is extremely easy to handle and customizable to a big extent. Last but certainly not least, the betting software account registration process is the quickest among its peers and the safest without being invasive to your privacy. That is why VIP-IBC has the title of the best betting platform.

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