Top 5 YouTube Channels to Stay Updated With the Latest Transfer Rumors

Football is known to be the most followed sport of current times. Football is not just a sport, it is a passion, and no amount of game or watch time can satisfy your appetite for the game. This is the reason; football is the only sport that has multiple club-level, domestic, and international tournaments. Moreover, each tournament gathers a tremendous amount of attention and excites a global audience.

Apart from tournaments, the audience is interested not only in the private affairs of the players, and their net worth but also their transfer news. From stealing a glance at their mansions to getting an inside scoop on the possible transfer and net worth, fans invest their time in knowing more about their favorite players.

One of the most sought-after news categories within football, as a sport is the transfer news. News companies invest millions in getting an inside scoop and viewers anxiously wait for the news. However, there is only so much you can say via these channels. On the contrary, if you own a private channel, you have more freedom and no fear of judgment or censorship. This is the reason more people rely on YouTube channels for news as compared to mainstream news channels.

For these YouTube channels, you just need a good internet connection that has no data limit so you can stream YouTube to your heart’s content. We recommend using Optimum Internet as it offers the best speed with no contract and data limit. Moreover, you can also enjoy on the go streaming with nationwide free hotspot service as well.

Now that you are well-equipped to watch all the amazing YouTube channels, you can go ahead and learn about the top 5 channels that we have mentioned below. Keep reading.

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Top 5 YouTube Channels to Stay Updated With the Latest Transfer Rumors

Since football has a huge audience, you will see independent YouTube channels offering news, reviews, and updates about transfers. Most of these news channels focus on getting more views so; their titles are clickbait and their news is based on rumors only.

To help you get authentic news and stay updated at all times, here are the top 5 best YouTube channels where you can get the latest transfer news.

  1. Premier League

Subscribers: 4.73 M 

If you need news, views, and reviews on the premier league, this is the best channel to follow. The channels offer basic updates inside scoops as well as the latest trends in football. Where most channels offer news with baseless rumors, this channel has authentic information from verified sources. Moreover, the channel also offers interviews with your favorite football stars. People who like behind the scene moments or highlights will also love this channel.

  1. Sky Sports Football

Subscribers: 4.41 M

If you are a football fan and you have not subscribed to sky sports football already, you might be living under a rock. With millions of followers, this channel works as the bible for football avid viewers and enthusiasts. The channel is known to be one of the best YouTube channels for premier league news. You will get authentic, verified, and exclusive content that will not be available on any other news channels.

The best thing about this channel is that it offers highlights for every gaming season’s complete career rundown of each player and their transfer news as well. Moreover, you will get interviews with your favorite football stars as well.

  1. MH10 Show

Subscribers: 171k

If you do not believe in guesses and news based on personal hunches, this is a perfect pick for you. The channels offer high-quality highlights, technical analysis of the game as well as epic goal movements. Moreover, you will get some inside scoop on the UEFA super cup as well as famous football clubs.

The best thing about the channels is the simple content style, which is easy to understand. Rather than diving deep into technical words, the channel caters new for avid football lovers as well as beginners, who are in it just for fun. From transferring news to addressing rumors and fake news, you will have the time of your life while following this channel.

  1. Euro Football Daily

Subscribers: 472k

If you are into the premier league and want some European perspective, this is the perfect channel for you. Where most people focus on fun elements only, this channel focuses on authentic news from a technical perspective. The creator of the channel covers European football as a whole.

Therefore, you can expect news about the world cup, premier league, and football Mundial as well. The best thing about the channel is the frequency of uploads as the creator post content daily. Moreover, this channel also offers some inside scoop, rumors, and fun news about football.

  1. Rabona TV

Subscribers: 265k

As a beginner, Rabona TV is the perfect YouTube channel for you. The channel offers deep analysis along with education-based news. People who like explainer videos must subscribe to this channel right away. if you want the latest news and exciting live shows with fun elements, this channel offers it all. Moreover, the channel has a deep history-based understanding so you will learn about some fun feuds in the history of football.

Bottom Line

The transfer of players is one of the most exciting news so most football lovers follow it closely. However, since the news easily grabs the attention of the masses, you will see channels exploiting this for the sake of views. However, the above-mentioned channels will only offer authentic information that you can rely on.

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