The Football Faithful Halloween XI

As Halloween descends, The Football Faithful, with the help of our supporters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have chosen the Premier Leagues most frightening starting line up.

In goal, Casper ‘the friendly ghost’ Schmeichel stands behind the frightening back four of Gary Devil, John Ceme-Terry, Tony Addams Family and Satan Baines.

N’Ghoulo Kante ads his frightening energy levels to the base of a midfield diamond, with Frankenstein Lampard and Patrick or Treat Viera making a devilishly solid midfield, with Wayne Booney completing the quartet.

Up front, a deadly strike force that would strike fear and terror into the hearts and souls of any back four. Ian Fright partners with Zlatan Ibrahimowitch to complete one of the most terrifying lineups the Premier League has ever seen.

How good would this team be? Could you think of any more frightening players to include?

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