Erling Haaland scores for Manchester City at Manchester United.

The Five Best Football Derbies to Bet On in March 2024

March 2024 is packed with thrilling derbies you won’t want to miss. And if you love a bit of betting, these matches are perfect to get in on the action. So, let’s dive into the five can’t-miss derbies of the month.

Porto vs. Benfica (O Clássico), March 3

Kicking off March with a bang, Portugal’s fiercest rivals, FC Porto and Benfica, face off in O Clássico. This match is more than just a game; it’s a battle for pride between the two most successful clubs in Portugal. Expect fireworks and fierce competition. It’s a fantastic opportunity for bettors to take advantage of the high stakes and intense rivalry.

Porto and Benfica first met in a friendly match in 1912. Since then, they played 254 matches. Porto is currently in the lead with 101 victories.

Man City vs. Man United (Manchester derby), March 3

On the same day, over in England, the Manchester derby lights up the city. Man City and Man United are not just fighting for bragging rights; they’re often battling for the top spot in the Premier League. This game is unpredictable, making it a bettor’s dream. Whether you’re into guessing the final score or who scores first, this match is full of opportunities.

The Manchester derby is one of the oldest in Europe: the two teams first met on the turf in 1881. United have won 78 of the 191 matches played.

Villarreal vs. Valencia (Derbi de la Comunitat), March 17

Mid-March brings us to Spain for the Derbi de la Comunitat. Villarreal and Valencia go head-to-head in a clash that’s about regional pride. Both teams have passionate fans and players who give their all. Betting on this game? Look out for goal scorers and total goals, as these matches can turn into goal fests.

A more recent one, Derbi de la Comunitat was first played in 1986. Valencia have won 25 of the 58 matches played so far.

Bayern München vs. Dortmund (Der Klassiker), March 30

As March winds down, Germany’s biggest football rivalry heats up. Bayern München and Dortmund, often vying for the Bundesliga title, face each other in Der Klassiker. This game is not just a must-watch; it’s a must-bet for many fans. From predicting the number of yellow cards to the first goal scorer, there’s plenty to bet on.

The first Der Klassiker played in 1965 was won by Borussia Dortmund. Since then, Bayern have took the lead with 67 victories out of 134 matches played.

Marseille vs. PSG (Le Classique), March 31

Finally, we wrap up the month with France’s most heated match, Le Classique. Marseille and PSG’s rivalry is legendary, filled with intense moments on and off the pitch. This is more than just a game; it’s a clash of cultures. Betting on this match? Consider looking into player performances, as stars from both teams often step up in big ways.

Le Classique has been around since 1971. Since then, the two teams met 106 times, out of which 49 games were won by PSG.

March 2024 is a football lover’s paradise, especially if you enjoy adding a bit of betting excitement to the mix. These derbies offer some of the hottest football action, and with the right punts, they could be even more thrilling.

Remember, if you’re looking to place some bets, this Vwin link has got you covered with great odds. Whether you’re new to betting or a seasoned pro, always bet responsibly and enjoy the beautiful game.

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