Opting for Nongamstop Bookies: Which are the Advantages for English Bettors

Sports bettors looking to avoid the strict restrictions imposed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission should opt for non gamstop bookies. These betting platforms, unlike their UKGC-regulated counterparts, offer more various services because they’re not bound by the limitations of the Gambling Commission. One of the main advantages of wagering on these sites is that you can protect your credit score. Furthermore, you don’t need a VPN to access these bookies, as they’re open to punters worldwide, including the UK. This article covers the main benefits of gambling at bookies that are not on Gamstop. We have also included things to consider when choosing the best sites.

Main Benefits of Bookies Not On Gamstop

Since these bookies aren’t licenced by the UKGC, they aren’t under any obligation to limit punters from enjoying their offerings to the fullest. That said, there are a plethora of benefits for that sites, and we’ve explained them below.

Better Odds

The word “odds” wouldn’t be new to you if you’re an experienced bettor, but if you’re new to sports betting, you might wonder, “How do odds work in betting?” In simple terms, the odds tell you the probability of an event occurring, but in sports betting, they also determine your payouts from winning bets. Hence, the more competitive the lines, the better your potential payout, and vice versa. That’s why shopping for the best odds is important, as you get better profits from sites with higher odds. Independent bookies are where you can find such odds. These bookmakers don’t have the best lines for all markets, but they do for most, so their punters gain more from winning stakes.

Lucrative Bonuses

If you want to claim generous bonuses, these sites are the way to go. Gamstop betting sites have restrictions on the promotions they can offer and how they present these offers to punters, but this doesn’t apply in this case. You get more lucrative deals like free bets, which let you place free wagers on specific markets. Another is an odd booster, where the operator offers you enhanced odds up to 10% if you wager on specific markets. Some platforms offer promotions for winning accumulators. Note that these deals have terms and conditions, but trustworthy sites attach only reasonable requirements that you can easily meet.

Plethora of Markets

All bookmakers cover football, which is unsurprising considering that it’s the most popular sport in the world. Hence, there are always betting options for the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and other well-known leagues. Basketball is usually second in terms of popularity at bookmakers, followed by sports like tennis, volleyball, and horse racing. However, these sites tend to have wider coverage for each game. In other words, you’ll find more markets for each sport on these platforms, giving you more options to bet on. That’s not all; these bookmakers have markets for other lesser-known sports like chess, water polo, bowling, and darts. You’d also find betting options for electronic sports like League of Legends and Counter-Strike.

Protects Credit Score

Playing at non-UK bookies can protect your credit score, but first, what is a credit score? This is a three-digit number that affects your chances of getting loans. Good credit scores show you’re highly creditworthy, meaning there’s a better chance the lender will offer you the loan with even lower interest. This is unlike having a bad credit score, which hurts your chances of getting loans. Gambling might not directly show up on your credit history, but in most cases, lenders demand a bank statement, and transactions to bookies will reflect on these, lowering your chances of getting the loan. Use payment methods like credit cards and cryptocurrencies to prevent this, as these transactions don’t reflect on your bank statement. UKGC betting sites don’t support these methods, but non gamstop sites do.

Credit Cards and Cryptocurrencies

As already noted, you can conveniently use credit cards to fund your account and withdraw your earnings. These sites offer a broader range of payment methods and help you safeguard your credit score. These platforms also support cryptocurrencies, the best option for punters who prefer anonymous gambling.

What to be on the Lookout for

There are many bookmakers on the internet, but only some platforms are worthwhile. As such, you must consider a few things when picking a betting site, and they include:

Security and Trustworthiness

Your safety when gambling online is paramount. Therefore, pick a platform with top-notch security features. One of the ways to tell if a site is secure is to learn if it has a licence from another trustworthy regulatory authority. This certification lends credibility to the betting site, proving that the operator runs the site under supervision. However, some operators are independent, and the only way to tell if they’re reliable is to read other players’ reviews and detailed evaluations from trustworthy sites.

Covering all needs

Always consider your betting preferences when selecting an online bookmaker. For instance, if you want to profit from football betting on individual performances, choose sites with competitive odds. The same applies to other sports. If you prefer betting on particular games, settle for operators with wide coverage and great odds for each market. Also, consider if you want to mix sports betting with casino gambling. If yes, you can opt for a bookmaker that combines an online casino. This way, you can navigate to the games section with only a click.

Available Features

Sports betting is more exciting when there are additional features to enhance the overall experience. If you want to maximise your betting sessions, select platforms with these features. These include live streaming that lets you ejoy a more engaging live betting and a cash-out feature that you can use to withdraw your bet before the game ends.

Bonuses and Promotions

We mentioned that on of the big advantage is that they offer more generous bonuses than UKGC-licenced platforms. However, these promotions vary between bookmakers; some sites have more rewarding offers than others. What you should note are the terms and conditions attached to these deals. Are the wagering requirements reasonable? Can you meet the criteria within the specified time frame? These and many more are what you look at to determine whether or not a promotion is worth claiming.

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