Online Casinos vs Football Betting: Exploring the Similarities

The world of gambling attracts many people. Some people play in online casinos. Others bet on real events in the world of sports. Both those and others pursue the same goal – to increase the invested amount and get a big win. Football and gambling attract players from all over the world. Betting is not only profitable but also profitable. At the same time, the trend associated with the popularity of gambling will never change. There will always be people spinning slot machines and betting on sports.

The first casinos were opened in a land-based format. It was possible to come to such physical establishments at a specific time. Then the client exchanged real money for chips and bet on his favorite games. But it was possible to bet on the outcome of a particular event in sports only at a bookmaker’s office. Land-based casinos still do not offer this option.

The real solution for gamblers was the launch of an online casino. Such sites combined both pokies and the ability to bet on sports. The player can expect to receive maximum pleasure. He can choose entertainment to his taste. Many gamblers are sure that only betting on football allows you to feel the thrill of waiting for the game to end. But ordinary slot machines cause no fewer emotions. Below we will talk about the unobvious similarities between casino games and football.

Luck in Gambling

The most obvious similarity is that sports betting and online casinos have an element of luck. It is the decisive factor in receiving prize money. This feature connects these entirely different formats of gambling. Many bettors may disagree with this.

There is an opinion that at an online casino, nothing depends on the player, but the outcome can be predicted in sports events. It is enough to carefully study all the information about the football team and its opponent, about the conditions of the game, etc. Also, bettors insist on practice – the more often sports bets are made, the supposedly more skills in predicting the outcome appear. In this case, the player has absolutely no influence and control over the result of a football match. Even if you consider all the factors, no one canceled the accident.

Imagine a situation. Experts are sure that the team’s leading player will score against the opponent in the first minutes. But unexpectedly, gone rain changes all plans. The favorite slips on a wet lawn and gets injured. He leaves the game without scoring anything. It is the accident that most influenced the outcome. It was impossible to predict it even if the better had carefully studied the weather forecast for the duration of the match.

The same situation is in the machines. You can learn all strategies and choose only pokies with high RTP. But this does not affect the element of randomness in any way. In automata, it is implemented using a random number generator.

In football and online casinos, the player places a bet on a possible outcome. At the same time, he cannot influence game outcome since he does not take any active role.

Gambling Requires a Bankroll.

Having a specific bankroll will be required everywhere. It does not depend on how exactly you will bet. You can spin the reels in slot machines, or you can follow the game of your favorite team. At the same time, the bankroll size directly depends on the time you are willing to spend on the game. In football and online gaming, it is crucial to managing your bankroll correctly. Otherwise, you can still lose at the very beginning. And then you will not have money left to wager.

In order not to become bankrupt, we advise you to follow a particular strategy:

  1. Use only official sites. It can be an online casino or a bookmaker. There are also sites where both pokies and sports betting are available. Pay attention to the presence of a license. Likewise, it is also vital that supervisory authorities regulate the work of the site. Then problems with the solution of controversial issues will not arise. Make sure that the site supports the deposit and withdrawal methods you need.
  2. Don’t use the money you need to buy essential goods and services. Games in casinos and bookmakers should not worsen the quality of your life. Set aside the amount required to pay for utilities, an apartment, food, clothing, cosmetics, etc. Use only the money that remains free for the game.
  3. Set a limit for yourself. When you lose the amount of the limitation in slot machines or sports betting, take a break. All gamblers’ main mistake is trying to return the lost money. As a result, it turns into debts and significant losses. If you have lost the allocated amount, stop the game. Do not continue to make scrolls and bets until the free amount is again in hand.
  4. Learn basic strategies. They are available for both pokies and bets on football matches. Many gambling sites self-host game betting strategy guides. With the right approach, you can minimize your losses and increase your chances of getting lucky.

Instant and Delayed Gratification at the Casino

Online casino players and sports bettors are most often addicted to pleasure. The feeling of satisfaction comes as a result of winning. Both football and slot machines are ways to give this pleasure. However, there are some differences. So, in pokies, players can expect instant gratification.

Modern online casinos offer customers a wide variety of games to choose from. You can launch pokies, and in a second, you can play live dealer slots. The fun can be endless. In this case, satisfaction comes immediately. It is enough to click the “Spin” button and start spinning the reels.

In the case of football, it is about delayed pleasure. Fans of this sport most often follow all matches in the league. For example, you are a fan of the English Premier League. Before the start of all games, information will be published at the time of the meetings. From this moment on, the better begins to work on his betting strategy. He gets acquainted with the list of games and decides which ones he will watch and which teams to root for.

Bookmakers allow you to place bets in advance. As a result, you have chosen a specific outcome and deposited money. Still, you will have to wait a few more weeks for the meeting — the essence of delayed gratification is anticipating the prank. At the same time, you are on adrenaline and think about the upcoming event.

Based on enjoyment, you can determine the type of game that suits you. Choose slot machines if you want to feel happy right here and now. But sports betting is more suitable when you like the feeling of anticipation.

Mobile Betting

Another similarity between sports betting and casino games is the ability to launch from a mobile phone. The modern rhythm of life dictates its conditions. More and more users refuse to use conventional computers and laptops in favor of mobile devices. Operators of online casinos and betting sites strive to offer their customers the most comfortable conditions. Almost all major sites have their mobile application or an adapted website. In the latter case, you can place bets from your smartphone browser. All the site’s functionality adapts to a particular device’s diagonal.

A mobile site or app allows players to bet on football or swipe in pokies anywhere. You can immerse yourself in gambling in traffic, on a park bench, at dinner in a cafe, etc.

The general trend between online casinos and sports betting is that you can play anytime and anywhere. But ordinary land-based casinos are unable to offer this.

Excitement And Adrenaline

Both types of games – the launch of slot machines and football bets – give the user hope of winning. At the same time, while waiting for the machine to stop or the referee’s final whistle, one has to experience the whole range of emotions and wild excitement. You never know how the current event will end. The feeling of excitement and adrenaline is what enthralls lovers of all gambling sensations. It doesn’t matter if you watch a football match on TV or watch the reels spin in pokies.

Creating A Social Environment

Another similarity between slot machines and football betting is creating a social environment. By betting on sports, you enjoy the game and watch the players of your favorite team with your family or friends. The process can strengthen ties between family members and just acquaintances. This connection will exist even if you root for different teams. Here the essence is in the general game.

The same is true with slot machines. Some players prefer to play alone. But if one of your friends or relatives shares your passion, the process will become much more enjoyable. A feature of modern casino games is communicating with other players in real-time. You can interact with each other using chat. This approach will also help you find new friends interested in gambling.

Very Similar Gameplay

Preparing for the launch of pokies in online casinos and sports betting has a similar sequence. In the first stage, the client must evaluate which games he is interested in. In the case of football, we are talking about the matches that he will watch and bet on. The next step is getting to know the rules of the game. It is crucial to study strategies, the features of the formation of winning combinations, the placement of players on the field, and much more. The more information you collect, the more satisfaction you will get.

Next, the gambler, or better, chooses a suitable playground for games.

The main selection criteria may be:

  1. Availability of a license. All bookmakers and online casinos that operate legally must be licensed. Carefully study the site of the site with which you plan to cooperate. Information about the license is published on the main page, in the site footer, or in a particular section. It is best to avoid operators who are not licensed. No one can guarantee the safety of funds and the honesty of all transactions.
  2. Reputation. Since bets on sports or spins in pokies are made for real money, the site must have a positive reputation. Read customer reviews. Pay special attention to the withdrawal features, the speed of receipt of funds, verification, and the duration of the identification procedure.
  3. Bonuses and promotions. Most sites offer customers several types of bonuses at once. For bookmakers, this can be free bets and deposit percentage. Online casinos also offer free spins and no deposit bonuses. A loyalty program will be a plus. It is enough for customers to bet on a certain amount per month. Due to this, there is advancement through the levels; additional rewards are issued. Before participating in the bonus program, please read the terms and conditions of its operation. Pay special attention to the wager and wagering period. The wager is denoted as a coefficient. It indicates how much you need to send to bets. After the wagering requirements are met, a gambler can withdraw bonuses to a real account.
  4. Support service. An important selection criterion for both regular players and newcomers to the site. Most sites offer customers the opportunity to get 24/7 support. There is an online chat where employees respond within a few minutes. It is desirable to have several ways of communication. Serious issues are best resolved by email. So, you will receive a detailed answer from a casino or bookmaker employee.

Look for sites with demo games if you are playing at a casino for the first time. Running pokies in demo mode allows you to familiarize yourself with the rules without risking real money.

Both online casinos and bookmakers set limits on the bet amount. Read all the terms and conditions before making a real account deposit.


Football and online casino games seem to be the direct opposite only at first glance. These two types of entertainment are very similar in many ways. Choose a suitable gambling game for you. Or switch between slot machines and football for a new experience.

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