Online casino and gaming software solutions – What to expect

According to Business Research Company, the global gambling market is expected to reach $765.89 billion by 2027. Such a huge market gets a considerable contribution from online casino and gaming businesses too. So, if this market attracts you, it is essential to know about online casino software and gaming solutions. Let’s find out what you get when you enters into a contract with online casino and gaming software solutions providers.

Online casino solutions

A reliable online casino software solution provides end-to-end support to the client. They have active participation in all aspects of the software development, ranging from creating prototype and testing it to releasing the customizable gaming solutions. The reputed online casino software and gaming solutions provider has expertise in both the Class II and Class III games, which include Slots, Poker, Baccarat, Bingo, Roulette, Blackjack, etc. Some experts deal in sports betting software too.

Components of online casino software solutions

An end-to-end casino software developer offers a suite of solutions that allow businesses to enter the market with ease and gain momentum in its growth sooner than expected. The solutions mainly comprise:

  1. Back-office suite

A lot happens at the back-office that concerns the daily affairs of an online casino business. The software helps in taking care of all these matters with ease. The users may find in the suite the components like report generation tool, dashboard containing major functional areas, insights on the events happening in the customer end, etc. The suite also comprises analytics tool that allows to decode player profile and helps track the player activities. The statistics related to gambling and casino activities are also made available to help the owners have correct view of the latest position of the business.

  1. Fraud management and protection suite

Online casinos need to manage risks at various fronts. The consumers also need a safe and secure interface which can provide them the required peace of mind while enjoying the games. Some of the time-forward online casino software and gaming solutions providers deal in blockchain technology to develop impregnable environment for the clients. The other resources used for managing security of the gaming site and that of the information of the visitors are:

  • SSL certificates with 24-bit encryption
  • Anti-fraud modules
  • Firewalls for stopping undue downloads and cyber attacks
  • KYC process security features that conceal player information, bank details, etc.
  • Player action tracking to ensure human participation
  • Reporting system for highlighting suspicious activities in the online casino platform.

That is how, the online casino software developers take requisite steps to make the platform safe for use.

  1. Random Number Generator systems

Random Number Generator is integrated in games like blackjack, roulette and slot games. The casino software developers update this system regularly so that the platform meets the regulatory requirements laid as per the industry standards. The RNG number is made to pass through a number of statutory checks to ensure that it offers fair chance at winning to the gamblers. Apart from development, the experts are engaged in evaluations of RNG systems, betting exchanges, mathematical systems and security systems. As a result, the business owners get a reliable gambling platform that remains in the good books of the license providers.

  1. Game library

Creating and managing the games’ library is the primary and the most crucial task performed by the online casino games software providers. The developers tie up with the top-tier games providers such as Net Ent, Evolution Gaming, Bet Radar and so on. Their collaboration allows them to offer more than 10,000 games of various genres like card games, table games, slot games, lotteries, Bingo, etc. It helps the casino owners keep the visitors engaged and gain repeat visits. With the help of automated emails and newsletters, the casino owners keep the gamblers updated about the additions or changes in the game library.

  1. Transaction processing system

The online casino and gaming solutions providers integrate the transaction processing system into the platform. It is done keeping the customers’ location in mind. Several localized and global payment gateways and methods are used for developing a truly convincing casino that allows customers to get into real action with no hassles. The availability of familiar payment methods wins the trust of the gamblers too. They prefer a platform with such arrangements over other options available.

The payment processing system are integrated with all prevailing casino games options such as online slots, online pokers, online tablet and mobile games, etc.

  1. AI-enabled casino software features

Modern casino softwares are embellished with various AI features. The chatbots are used to provide human-like interactions with the clients to solve their queries satisfactorily. Machine learning is used for data analysis and to make customer engagement predictions. Computer Vision is integrated for detecting any kind of fraudulent activity at the player end.

Top gaming software solutions

Apart from casino games, the software providers may also be involved in developing mobile and video games that require tact and decision-making. The gaming solutions developed by the best software providers include:

  1. Sweepstakes
  2. Mobile, video and tablet games
  3. E-sports or fantasy sports
  4. AR/VR games
  5. Video games
  6. Sports betting platforms

Sports betting solutions

The online casino development experts may have the infrastructure and expertise for developing sports betting solutions too. They provide the best white label casino solutions for live betting, planned cashout games and much more. The players can benefit from the fast-loading interfaces, and latest updates provided on a real-time basis. The sports betting solutions are further differentiated into fantasy sports or e-sports where every game genre is made available for betting to the users.

To sum up,

A promising online casino and gaming platform becomes possible to achieve when all aspects of gamblers’ experience are taken into account. The online casino software developers at WiredKing take care of all technological aspects of starting and maintaining an online casino and gaming venture. With a complete technical support that encompasses all phases of software development lifecycle, the online casino businesses can start their venture sooner and strive to become a household name with their marketing acumen.

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