New givens about the teams for the World Cup 2022

Less than a month remains until the first match for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. There have been no significant developments about the players that will make their appearance on the pitch. None has been injured at a point to miss the competition. However, the subject of all the discussions at all sports betting blogs, are the performances of some of the main contenders for the title. To put it simply: they were not just disappointing. They were disastrous.


They were considered as the favorites along with Brazil. However, in the 6 matches they played for the Nations League between Jun 03 and Sep 29, they lost 3, won just 1 and drew twice. In fact, they barely managed to avoid relegating to Group B as Austria gathered 1 less point. Scoring 5 and conceding 7 shows a definite problem to be resolved by coach Deschamps.


The Lions have had a worse record by means of relegating to Group B. They did not win any match, lost 3 and drew 3. The netting record is despairing: 4 for and 10 against. Yet, Gareth Southgate said that there is no reason for worries and that England would do much better at the World Cup. It remains to be seen.


Not so long ago they were considered as the best national team. Getting thrashed 4-1 at home by the Netherlands, barely winning over Poland by 1-0, conceding a total of 8 goals and scoring 11, is a record that does not support the claim any more.

As a result of these performances:

  • Brazil are now the grand favorites at 4/1
  • France have fallen to 11/2
  • England just a bit behind at 13/2
  • Argentina have risen to 7/1
  • Spain follow at 8/1
  • Germany are at 9/1
  • The Netherlands and Belgium are 7th and 8th at 12/1 and 14/1 respectively.


Thoughts for the future

It could be argued that the teams did not want to show their A game on a competition that was actually of no real interest. Or that the players did not play at their best to protect themselves from hurt. However, issues like the difficulty of the British to score, or the ease of conceding goals by the Belgians could negate the argument.

The new givens create new circumstances and new responses to the question of how to bet on the World Cup. The common denominator is that there’s plenty of profit to be made as there is no clear and obvious supremacy for any side.

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