Is Germany Really A Dwindling Football Powerhouse?

The German football team has been one of the most successful in the world for many decades. In more than 1,000 matches, they’ve only failed to qualify for a World Cup once (2018). They haven’t lost an international match since 1938. Recent years have seen their dominance slip away. 

The team has failed to win any major trophies since 2014. Germany is currently ranked eleventh in the world by FIFA World Cup. Is Germany a declining football power? Or are we seeing a temporary blip on what will remain one of the game’s strongest teams?

Why Are German Sides No Longer Flying in Europe?

According to the history of the men’s national team, Germany is no longer the dominant force. This change is not to say that they’re not still a strong football nation. You can count the number of teams in Europe who are more assertive on the one hand: Spain, France, and Belgium.

Germany has lost to teams from these three nations in recent competitions. According to this change in ranking, Germany has degraded to a middle-tier team in Europe.

Many young German players have left the country. They’ve decided to play clubs in La Liga and the Premier League. The German Football Association has failed to implement reforms to help the national team regain its strength (like youth development programs, a better youth league system, etc.).

Germany Football-Themed Online Slots For Football Fans

The German team has been drawing criticism from fans and commentators alike. The German team’s withering means fewer people will watch these games. More and more German fans are turning to casino slots and other interests instead.

The best way to enjoy football is in the company of friends, with a cold one or two, and some snacks. You can say the same about online slots.

Football is the unofficial national sport of most countries worldwide. It’s no surprise that some of the most popular slot games are football themed. Any football fan who gambles should try these three football-themed online slots.

Fans who gamble can enjoy their favourite sport even when not at the stadium. Football video slots range from classic slot games to interactive video slots.

Football Star by Microgaming

They launched the game in 2014 during the build-up to the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The central theme of the slot is football. It features the national teams of Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, and Portugal.

Champion’s Goal by Elk Studios

This game has a fantastic background atmosphere of an actual football stadium. The background music is perfect for fans of the German national football team. It features the squad’s line-up right before the start of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Champions Cup by NetEnt

It’s a classic fruit machine with a Champions League theme. If you’re a football fan and love online slots, the Champions Cup slot machine by NetEnt is a can’t-miss. The game got its first upgrade before the 2016 UEFA European Championship. The game was again revamped in 2018, right before the FIFA World Cup in Russia started.

Germany: Competition Records

Germany has been a critical player in international competition. They’ve helped to shape and evolve the sport since the beginning. With the country’s current love of football, we wanted to look at Germany’s rich sports history.

FIFA World Cup

Germany is a country that has dominated the world of football. Altogether, the German national football team won four World Cups in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014. In 1974, they were the world champions when they defeated the Netherlands. They also hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1976 and were third runners-up in 2006 when they once again hosted it. In 2014, it was their last champion ranking in FIFA World Cup records.

UEFA European Championship

Germany has a rich soccer history, and it’s no surprise they’ve dominated the game since 1972. In that year, they won their first European championship in Belgium. They were also third place in the semi-finals in 1988 when they were the hosts of the tournament.

In 2000, Germany were the 15th worst out of 16 teams in the Group Stage of Euro 2000 after losing all three games. Despite this poor showing, UEFA chose Germany to host the 2024 European Championship.

FIFA Confederations Cup

Germany hosted the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2005 and took third place. The game was a prelude for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, also held in Germany. Germany played a strong tournament, losing only one out of five games.

During this tournament, they compete with Brazil and France. They did not win any trophies or awards, so you can say that their performance was below expectations. Given how strong their roster is, they could have performed much better.

Golden Goal

Some would say this is a wake-up call for German football, which may very well be. Fans should be proud of the national team, as well as the successes of Germany in the European club teams.

We should applaud Jamal Musiala and others for bringing more attention to the league. Despite the flaws in the German football scene, it continues to be where fans can show passion and have fun.

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