How to launch the iGaming business — GR8 software solutions for simple launching and upgrading

Turnkey business solutions have been designed to simplify the process of entry and expansion in the highly competitive iGaming market. They typically include essential tools and elements such as business plan development, website designs, payment integration, and gaming software. This is a part of the iGaming Launch package, but there are also GR8 software solutions for existing businesses. When it comes to upgrading the business that already exists GR8 Tech is here to be the lifetime partner who you can trust. Using its solutions, business owners can save valuable time and resources but still get the best results from the implementation of the chosen strategy. The company will support its partners at each stage of their businesses.

Launch your iGaming businesses with GR8 Tech — the best Tech solutions from GR8

A turnkey solution from GR8 Tech allows the launch of a fully functional iGaming platform and runs significantly right away. By selecting the iGaming Launch package, investors and operators gain access to components that have been developed by an experienced team to build a strong brand and drive growth. This package was created for vendors, investors, and operators who want to launch the new iGaming platform from scratch but with the minimum time loss. So turnkey solutions are the best option here because they already include:

  • exit options;
  • feedback loops;
  • grace period;
  • martech!

With the iGaming Launch package, GR8 Tech partners work with a launch team that will develop a business plan and take care of the tech part. Thus, even without special knowledge and experience in this niche, it is possible to launch a gambling business in a significantly shorter time frame than with a standard launch.

iGaming businesses upgrade with Gr8 Tech — modules and advantages of the iGaming Upgrade package

Because turnkey solutions are flexible and simple, existing businesses can use them for fast upgrading. With the iGaming Upgrade package, GR8 Tech clients can focus on other crucial aspects of the business and still be sure about the final results. As part of iGaming Upgrade, there will be the next modules:

  • casino;
  • sportsbook;
  • CRM;
  • PAM/wallet;
  • payment gateway;
  • risk and anti-fraud;
  • unified back-office;
  • BI and analytics;
  • responsible gambling!

Such modules and customized solutions allow business owners to adapt to market demands to meet gamblers’ preferences and target a wider audience. That can be additional features, payment methods, or games integration. Because of the responsible gambling control from GR8 Tech, various features and tools will be added to your platform (age verification, for example). That helps to prevent minors from accessing the casino and follow responsible gambling principles by adding deposit limits and self-exclusion options.

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