How to find the best football betting sites in 2023

According to the latest industry statistics, the online sports betting industry is booming.

The global sports betting market is now valued at around $76.75bn and is set to grow at around 10% over the next 10 years. This industry growth has been driven by a range of factors, including changes in how the industry is regulated, the rise in mobile sports betting apps and an increase in investment in the industry.

Growth in the sports betting industry has also been boosted by the growing popularity of esports, with esports betting now one of the most popular options among punters!

With this in mind, many are predicting that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will set new records for sports betting activity. This has seen millions of football fans across the globe being able to go directly to KickForm and similar sports betting platforms in anticipation of what looks set to be an incredible tournament!

With an estimated viewership of around five billion across the tournament, with an average of 227.7 million per day, sports betting platforms are expecting to see massive increases in user activity.

However, for those of you just getting started with sports betting, you might be wondering how to choose the best football betting sites to use.

With that said, here are some top tips to make sure you choose the best football betting sites now and in 2023!

Licensing and regulation

One of the most important things to look out for when you are choosing a football betting site is whether or not they are licensed.

In order to provide gambling and betting services to users, online football betting platforms will have to be licensed in the country from which they are providing their services. Most of the time, this involves getting a license from a licensing body and abiding by whatever rules and regulations they set.

For sports betting fans, this ensures that any funds you deposit to the platform will be handled properly and that any winnings you are due will be paid out promptly. It also ensures that if something goes wrong with your account, you will be able to take complaints directly to them or to the regulator they have received the license from.

Although many different countries around the world now have licensing bodies to deal with various forms of online gambling and betting, some of the most popular include Malta, Estonia, Cyprus and Curaçao.

If you want to stay safe when betting on football this World Cup, make sure to choose a betting platform with a license, to guarantee a safe playing environment!

Industry and user reviews

Another way to choose a betting platform to try out is to read reviews to establish which performs the best. There are a number of different review types you can choose to do this, including user reviews and reviews written by industry professionals.

Industry reviews are written from the perspective of someone with direct knowledge of the industry, so they might give you a better technical understanding of the platform. User reviews will give you an insight into the platform, written from the perspective of those actually using it.

Although you might be tempted to rely on one source, both are equally useful. User reviews are particularly valuable, as they give you a sense of how a platform performs on a more regular basis.

When you are reading these reviews, the main features to look out for are the reliability of the website, how fast payments are processed, and how helpful and responsive the customer service is.

Payment methods

One of the most important things to look out for when you are choosing a football betting site to use is what payment methods are available.

The best online football betting websites will allow you to make transfers to and from the site with relative ease and without any additional charges. They will also support a decent selection of different payment methods. This includes everything from debit and credit cards to bank transfers, electronic wallets and even cryptocurrencies.

You want to choose a football betting website that not only supports a wide range of official payment methods but that can also process these payments efficiently. Licensing bodies placer strict requirements on betting platforms to follow specific payment processes, so make sure you choose a website that complies with all relevant regulations before signing up.

This will ensure that not only can you access your funds easily but that they will be kept safe and secure.

Taking the next steps

As we have seen, there is a range of different things to look out for when you are choosing an online football betting platform. However, regardless of whether you want to bet on the FIFA World Cup or the Premier League, these factors remain the same.

Always choose an online bookmaker that has a license from a well-known regulator, that can process your payments efficiently and in line with any relevant rules and regulations, and that has received positive reviews from users and industry experts alike.

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