How Much Do Premier League Tickets Really Cost?

How Much Do Premier League Tickets Really Cost?

Generally speaking the bigger the team, the bigger the ticket price. But how much do premier league tickets actually cost?

This article looks at some of the factors that determine how much a premier league ticket is likely to cost, and gives some top-level figures that you can expect to find when looking for your own tickets for the next big premier league game.

Let’s Kick Off

The Premier League, also known as the English Premier League (EPL), is widely regarded as one of the most popular and watched football leagues globally. It boasts a rich history and some of the world’s most famous clubs, every match is a spectacle, drawing fans from every corner of the globe.

It is no surprise then that many fans have never seen a game live let alone researched the average price of an EPL ticket.

So let’s start by acknowledging that the cost of Premier League tickets can vary widely across clubs, matches, and seating choices.

You may well find tickets from as little as £30, and on the other end you can find tickets costing in the hundreds or even thousands of pounds (depending on where you buy them from).

It may be helpful to now consider some of the factors that determine and dictate the price of these sought after tickets.

The Factors Determining Premier League Ticket Prices

Ultimately the price that you pay for your EPL ticket will be determined by a mix of all of the below factors. But it may help to know why the prices can reach such high numbers, particularly for the most popular teams.

Club Popularity & Historical Significance

Clubs with a storied history and global fanbase, like Manchester United, Liverpool, or Chelsea, generally command higher ticket prices.

The prestige of watching a match at Old Trafford or Anfield, for instance, comes with a steeper price tag.

Naturally you will be competing with a greater number of other fans to get your hands on tickets to high profile games where two high profile teams are competing.

Match Significance

Another unsurprising factor will be the match significance.

How important is the match that you’re hoping to go see?

A standard league game against a middle of the league opponent will demand lower prices than tickets to a game between notorious rivals and/or at an integral stage of the tournament.

Desired Seating

Of course we all want the very best seating at the lowest possible price, but where you want to sit will have a huge influence on how much you end up paying for the privilege of watching your favourite team play.

Standard seats come cheaper than VIP seats, and even within the standard you will find that prices fluctuate depending on how good the view is and where you’re located within the stadium.

Membership Discounts

When buying direct from the club you may benefit from certain discounts and promotions which can bring your total costs down, assuming you act fast.

Likewise if you’re lucky enough to hold a season ticket you may work out that the average price per game attended is sizeably lower than if you were to try and buy those same tickets on the secondary market.

Time & Date

Weekend games tend to sell out fast and, if you’re on a budget, you may wish to stick to weekday games to benefit from lower prices.


We have already touched briefly on how the opposing team may determine the final price of the ticket, but it is worth noting again that a match between two of the top 6 teams is going to cost considerably more than tickets to a game between newly promoted teams.

The Fans Perspective on Pricing

While the excitement of watching a Premier League match live is unparalleled, ticket prices have long been a point of contention.

Fan associations will often highlight the increasing commercialisation of football and have called for more fair and transparent pricing to be introduced, especially for local fans who have supported their clubs through thick and thin over multiple generations.

Some clubs have frozen ticket prices and/or introduced tiered pricing systems to cater to a wider range of loyal fans, however there is still much to be done to ensure that the most loyal and devoted fans have ample opportunity to attend a good number of games (including key matches).

Primary Vs Secondary Market

The primary market, buying your tickets via official sources like the Premier League website, is the preferred option by many. However, that doesn’t mean getting tickets this way is always straight forward.

The primary market is fraught with extremely high demand, even still it would be the preferred method of purchasing tickets by most.

The secondary market, buying tickets via third-party platforms and marketplaces, on the other hand may make getting tickets more straightforward but you will inevitably pay a premier for that luxury.

Make sure you stick with trusted third-parties, spend time researching whichever platform you decide to buy your tickets through, and be mindful of scammers trying to capitalise on the desire of passionate fans trying to get hold of a finite number of tickets.


The allure of the Premier League, with its drama, history, and world-class talent, is undeniable.

For fans looking to immerse themselves in this experience, understanding ticket pricing nuances is essential.

Getting to grips with the blend of sporting culture, economics, and market dynamics that dictate premier league tickets prices will ensure you pay a fair price for the seats that you end up watching the game from.

While the experience of singing with thousands of fans and witnessing football magic live is priceless, a clear grasp of ticketing costs ensures you enjoy the match without denting your wallet too much.

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