Has the Job Unai Emery is Doing at Aston Villa Gone Under the Radar?

Since Unai Emery took over from Steven Gerrard at Aston Villa in early November 2022, he has managed to turn the club’s fortunes around.

They are now up to 6th place in the English Premier League, which is a pretty astonishing feat by anyone’s standards. However, his epic stats seem to have gone under the radar, and very few people talk about it? Why could this be?

How has Unai Emery transformed Aston Villa?

When Unai Emery came to Villa, they were facing a relegation battle. His positivity and exciting new tactics and strategies had an almost immediate effect on the team. In his first game in charge, Villa beat Manchester United 3-1.

They went on to win 12 of their first 18 games with the newly appointed Emery, and things had certainly changed for the club. In March-April, they won five consecutive Premier League games – the first time the club has achieved this impressive feat since 1998.

They beat Bournemouth 3-0 at home, Chelsea 2-0 away, Leicester City 2-1 away, Nottingham Forest 2-0 at home, and then Newcastle 3-0 at home. Under Emery, Villa have picked up 32 points in 15 matches. The only other club to have taken more points in the same amount of time are league leaders Arsenal.

During this 5-match-win streak, Olli Watkins became Villa’s first-ever player to score in five consecutive games. Emery is already a fan favourite, and the players don’t have a bad word to say about him.

Will it last, or is this just an extended honeymoon period for the club and their new manager? Only time will tell.

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Is there still time to bet on the remaining Aston Villa games?

Yes. There’s still time to place a bet on the remaining Premier League matches. If you would prefer to bet from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device, you may want to try the official 32red sports app.

It has plenty of markets for each Premier League match and some of the most competitive odds anywhere online today.

Can Villa finish in the top 4?

The best thing to do to find out if Aston Villa can finish in the top four at the end of the season would be to check the latest odds. For example, although they are currently sitting in sixth place, they are only priced at 33/1 to finish in a top 4 spot.

This means they only have a 2.90% implied probability rate of actually achieving this. In other words, it might not be such a good bet. At the same time, though, with their current form, these are fantastic odds because it looks like they could finish in the top 4.

What other teams are currently looking at finishing in the top 4?

The other five teams that are also vying for a top 4 spot to ensure UEFA Champions League football next season are the following clubs:

  • Liverpool – 5/1, which means they have a 16.70% implied probability rate of finishing in the top 4
  • Tottenham Hotspur – 7/1 (12.50% chance)
  • Brighton – 9/2 (18.20% chance)
  • Newcastle United – 33/100 (75.20%)
  • Manchester United – 1/14 (93.30%)

How many games have Villa got left?

The seven games remaining for Villa are against Brentford on Saturday 22nd (away), at home to Fulham on April 25th, and away to Manchester United on April 30th.

They also still have to play Wolves (away), Spurs (home), and Liverpool (away) to play before playing their last game of the season, which is at home to Brighton. If they can secure a few more victories, there’s a good chance Emery could do the almost unthinkable and secure Champions League football for Villa.

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