Football Betting Trends Show Vegas Ahead

For a long time, a thick line has seemed to exist between sports betting and online casino gambling. But according to a recent debunking by experts in both industries, they are closer than you might think. It has even been revealed that Vegas, as we know it, has sought some inspiration from football betting trends to get ahead. Let’s get into the details of each of those trends without further ado.

Mind-blowing Jackpots

Huge jackpot payouts are customary in the football betting world. They range from daily to weekly offerings, which pay jaw-dropping figures for predicting up to eighteen games. For a long time, Vegas was behind by miles compared to the soccer betting world. That has, however, changed recently, with the highest paying nj online casino websites matching the offerings of football bookmakers in dishing out life-changing wins. In addition to progressives, you will find operators with an average Return to Player percentage of up to 98.3%. That reduces the house edge to a mere 1.7%, which means you can accumulate big wins in no time.

But the house edge is not the only thing you should look out for when hunting for a casino with a supercharged max potential. You should also consider the Return to Player percentage and the volatility score of the games you choose. For slots, only go for titles with the highest payout rates. The same goes for table games, where playing a skill-based game like blackjack will reduce the house edge to approximately 1%.

Providing a Virtual Experience

You no longer need to visit a betting shop physically to place a wager. You can do it from the convenience of wherever you are, thanks to online bookmakers. It is a revolutionary trend that inspired the shipping of Vegas games to the internet, making it possible to play casino games online. Some websites even go all in with replicating the Vegas-Esque experience by offering live game sessions with croupiers.

Diverse Betting Options

The betting options in football are virtually limitless, with a single game offering up to fifty markets for punters. Some betting options include picking the full-time or half-time winner, anytime goalscorer, ht/ft, and over or under a certain number of goals. That is not to mention that others might pop up when the game is live. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing about Vegas. Comparing the number of selections you can make at any given time to the number of games you can play in the casino universe would be ridiculous. But there has been decent progress. Let us say you visit Bally’s virtual casino looking for more than one game offers. You will not be disappointed because there are several or hundreds of titles in categories such as slots, table games, and even free games. That is not to mention the convenience of the available banking methods and the peace of mind that comes with playing at a licensed website.


Search the above word on any search engine, and virtual reality will be in the results. And things aren’t any different in football betting. Place a decent bet on a football game, and you may forget everything else to follow the proceedings. The situation is, however, different in the Vegas strip and what it has inspired both virtually and physically in other parts of the world. Unless you are on a good streak, sessions can feel monotonous. There have been changes in recent times, though, as game developers are finally rectifying the situation. Some of the actions they have taken include utilizing appealing themes and incorporating entertaining features when creating games.


The football betting space has always been ahead, innovation-wise. It’s possible to argue that the leaders might have had an easier time than those in the casino industry, but one thing remains a fact. Football betting trends have truly shown Vegas ahead, and we must give credit where it’s due.

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