Five players that would shape the 2022 summer transfer window

The 2021/2022 football season is gradually reaching a climax. In Europe, the football season will end on the 28th of May with the UEFA Champions League final. While most football fans will be delighted that a long and tough football season will finally end, they will also be looking forward to having their clubs strengthen in appropriate departments to compete for more laurels in the new season ahead.

The summer transfer window in Europe’s top leagues will commence on the 10th of June, 2022. However, the rumour mills have been spinning consistently since the January transfer window ended. Many gossips have been fueling several speculations about the destinations of different players and where they could possibly ply their trade next season.

Every transfer window sure has its fair share of mouth-watering transfers. In the past, these top transfers used to be handled stealthily, but you can take free bets that information will always manage to filter through to the public these days.

This article will explore some players whose transfers will shape the 2022 summer transfer window.

Top player transfers for the 2022 summer

From the prominent name journalists to fan forums, the news about the potential transfers of these players has been keeping football fans eagerly looking forward to the summer. Will any of them end up among the greatest signing charts? Here is our chance to be the first to announce “Here we go”.

Antonio Rudiger

After protracted transfer negotiations, the German defender is set to leave the Chelsea football club. The 29-year old has his eyes set on a 5-year contract, but his wage and agent sign-on fees demands have proven too high for Chelsea. Chelsea was optimistic about working out the situation. Still, with the current sanctions in place, Chelsea is no longer able to negotiate. Rüediger, as it is understood, wants to resolve the situation quickly and has decided to leave Chelsea. Possible destinations include Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona, and Manchester United. Still, a few more suitors are expected to enter negotiations with Rudiger’s team in the coming days.

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Kylian Mbappe

The French wonder kid has turned down repeated contract extension offers from PSG, and he looks set to leave on a free transfer to Real Madrid. Real Madrid has always expressed their interest in Mbappe. If they manage to get him on a free transfer, it will be one of the most exciting coups in football. At 23, Mbappe still has good years on his side; therefore, the chance of ditching Real Madrid for the highest bidder is not off the cards.

Erling Haaland

Haaland’s potential transfer will involve a lot of big bucks. Frankly, many interested clubs are not afraid to spend it on a prolific goal scorer with the Norwegian’s towering presence and blazing speed. Haaland looks likely to move this summer after Borussia Dortmund managed to fend off interest from Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, PSG, Barcelona, and other top European clubs last season. Recently, Manchester City has signified their interest in the player again. Still, other European giants will definitely not allow Erling Haaland out of their grasp without a good fight.

Paul Pogba

The Manchester United midfielder has endured a tumultuous love-hate relationship with Manchester United fans this season. In fact, since his return to the club, Pogba has faced different forms of criticism that have prompted him not to sign a new contract. Paul Pogba’s current contract will expire in the summer. While there is no word from the player yet, many suggestions indicate that he wants to leave United at the end of the season. Where could Pogba be playing next season? Real Madrid? Or is a return to Juventus on the cards? Could he fit right into the PSG midfield in Paris? Only time will tell.

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Harry Kane

The English forward endured a tough summer last season after he was not allowed to leave Tottenham for Manchester City. Kane has refused to renew his contract at Tottenham, and it doesn’t look certain that Antonio Conte will be able to convince him to stay. Kane will attract a good number of suitors both in England and abroad. Manchester City will probably try again. The likes of Manchester United and Chelsea (with new ownership) will also vie for the signature of the English forward.


Every top club always looks forward to the summer transfer window. It is a unique opportunity to correct past mistakes and pursue new goals for the club. For players, it offers them a chance to appraise their situation and map out a profitable career trajectory. Any of these transfers will definitely be a huge talking point for summer 2022.

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