Five of the best – Cristiano Ronaldo goals

The debate has raged for years, who is better, Ronaldo or Messi? It’s a question that will continue for years to come, but I for one am grateful to be able to witness it. However, here are five of the best goals by Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Firstly, I must say, when you are looking at a world class player with well over 600 career goals, it’s very hard to pick just five of the best. There are are probably plenty of other goals that we could have included, but we just thought that these five were just a shade above the rest.

When you take a look at five of the best goals by Lionel Messi, most are wonderful mazy dribbles before a cute or delicate finish. You won’t see any of that here…. just some absolute thunder crackers!

v Portsmouth

First a goal from Ronaldo’s Manchester United days, and while free kicks aren’t as impressive as a goal from free play, this one was pretty special. It was the perfection of what we now know as the knuckleball technique.

Hitting the ball into the ground almost and generating all kinds of crazy movement in the air to leave David James helpless.

v Barcelona

Any goal for Real Madrid against Barcelona is an important one, but imagine the feeling of scoring an absolute cracker against your biggest rivals.

In a swift counter attack, Ronaldo found himself up against Barcelona great Gerard Pique, but when the winger cut onto his right, there was only one way that this was going to end.

v Fiorentina

When the last goal looked simply too good, this one is even better.

Another goal from the left, cutting in on his right foot, and smashing one into the far post from seemingly an impossible angle. Astonishing!

v Porto

In a huge European game for Manchester United who needed a result, most wouldn’t dream of attempting a shot from 40 yards. Even if they did, most wouldn’t get it on target, and even if they did, surely they couldn’t beat the goalkeeper? Well not unless your name is Cristiano Ronaldo that is…

v Arsenal

Another goal in the Champions League for Manchester United, and perhaps the best of his career. With the free kick 40+ yards from goal, on the right hand side of the field, everyone in the crowd and watching on tv expected Ronaldo to deliver the ball into the box.

Nobody expected this…!


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