FIFA Ultimate Team Defensive Tips

Offense plays a key role in virtual football, since goals scored are often a guarantee of victory. It would be a guarantee of victory, if not for one thing – protection. Without a good, correct and thoughtful defense, even a 4-goal advantage can be lost if the opponent is strong, purposeful, and the match goes on in euphoria, when a few goals flies, and then plays out at an unrealistic level of enthusiasm.

In order to consistently finish the matches, keeping your victory and not starting the fight with the need to recoup, you need to invest in defense. This also applies to finances like coins and to personal training of strategies for the ability to play from defense and build it correctly on the football field.

How to improve your defense

Invest in high speed defenders

At the beginning of the game in FIFA 23, it may seem that speed is far from being the most important attribute by which to choose a player like a defender. After all, reliability, general endurance, the ability to play well with other defensive players and speed are important, but not the primary attribute.

In order to determine the type of defender you need, look at its general characteristics, not its rating. It happens that a player has a lower rating than a defender in a similar position, but has a higher rate of speed and stamina and will be given priority even if he is inferior in rating. Why did the system give him a lower rating? The real status of a football player + the presence of other equally important, but not so priority qualities.

To start playing FIFA Ultimate Team, you will need the maximum boost – as many open sets as you can afford – you need to consolidate a strong line-up and begin the process of playing and honing your own tactics and skills by experience.

All this requires a lot of FIFA coins. You can get them in several ways:


1. Buy FIFA coins from the Skycoach service – the entry fee will help you make more attempts to open sets with football players and build a stronger starting lineup. The service guarantees anonymity and fast delivery of coins from the moment of purchase. All security measures and disguise as a regular trade between players are observed, so the gaming administration will not even have a formal reason to impose gaming sanctions. The service guarantees a refund in case of disputes.

2. Complete tasks inside the game and during matches (score a certain number of goals, not get a yellow card, release a defensive midfielder from Italy, and so on).

3. Participate in tournaments and the Squad Building Challenge from EA Sports – the tournament involves a knockout game against many opponents and a reward depending on the place taken. A quick relegation is also encouraged, as it is necessary for the development of newcomers to competitive football. CBC gives the player the task of assembling the optimal line-up from the provided conditions and requirements – for example, to find three players from England with a rating of at least 85. The more difficult the task is, the more FIFA coins you will receive.

4. Coin mode – the game recreates a specific game moment-situation for you and you need to fulfill its condition in order to receive coins. For example, there is a cross and you have to close it with a goal for Mbappé through a header. You can try the situation as much as you want.

Use hard tackles

Don’t confuse tough with reckless. A hard tackle means an assumption of the probability of getting a foul, or a penalty card, but with well-considered actions it makes it possible to avoid this and even out the game situation.

Never make a tackle in the back, especially in the event of an opponent breaking through to your goal – this is a guaranteed removal and assignment of a free kick, or a penalty kick to your goal.

Make a tackle from the front or side, if the ball play is observed, then the referee will not react to the incident. The skill must be honed to a jeweler’s understanding of the moment and execution.

If the enemy breaks ahead – use all your speed and catch up with him with the selection key held down – this will reduce the risk of receiving penalty cards and even out the overall game situation

Just for such moments, you need to have at least two high-speed defensive midfielders in your squad – for defense, regaining control of the ball and flank counterattacks.

Play the center of the field, not just the flanks

If you watch modern football, then during the match, the team that controls the center of the field often wins. This must be done regardless of whether you are currently attacking or defending.

The center of the field is controlled by quick passes and the recovery of two midfielders.

Even with the most ambitious flank break, back it up with midfield players and your success can be built on with many more combinations than a break to the enemy net just for luck.

Change formation

There are several team tactics in FIFA 23 and often everyone plays the standard 4-3-3. In the case of a quick transition to the defense, change to 5-3-2, or 4-4-1. This will greatly complicate the passage of your defense by the enemy and will even out the situation with ball control. The scheme can always be changed in the future.


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