Exploring the impact of football sponsorship from gambling companies

Football and gambling have always had a strong relationship. Studies show that where there is football, there is betting, and this link continues to grow stronger, especially in the UK. Thanks to the ever-growing British casinos list and other gambling companies, the number of football sponsorships will keep on increasing.

Most people in the UK view football and gambling as completely linked, seeing as the two are almost inseparable. As a result, gambling companies are relying on this factor, as well as the public’s love of the sport, for their brand recognition.

In addition, football has an impact on millions of people all over the world, from children to adults. It serves a purpose in society by educating and inspiring people. This can range from raising awareness about current issues to leading from the front in bringing about change for better lives. Hence, gambling sponsorship can have a positive or negative impact on football. This article will go over the various effects that these gambling companies have on football, so keep reading!

How it all began

The first case of gambling sponsorship in English football was in 1902. This was when the Betting and Racing Exchange sponsored Stoke City. Gambling was illegal in many countries worldwide at the time, which made this a hotly disputed move.

The number of gambling sponsorships in English football gradually increased over the following years. Simply put, the legalization of gambling in many countries increased the acceptance of football sponsorships. Gambling companies began sponsoring a number of leading English football teams, including Aston Villa and Manchester City. As the EPL started up, the global popularity of football increased, leading to more football sponsorships from gambling companies.

Positive impact of football sponsorship from gambling companies

From a business viewpoint, gambling companies and football clubs have a mutual relationship in which they benefit from one another. Strong financial support is one of the main factors for football clubs to be successful. Betting companies invest a fortune in clubs in return for an efficient platform for reaching their target customers.

Furthermore, football clubs need all the assistance they can get to thrive as the standard of football in the EPL and other top leagues keeps increasing. Gambling sponsors contribute greatly to the improvement of training facilities, the construction of modern stadiums, and the financial support of players.

Negative impact of football sponsorships from gambling companies

If you’re opposed to gambling, you’ll possibly agree that football clubs’ link with online bookmakers sends the wrong message. Because of this link, most people may begin to believe that gambling is safe and intertwines with watching football matches.

Fans may link gambling company logos with the shirts of clubs such as Arsenal, viewing this as a regular practice. Hence, this promotes gambling as a daily activity, increasing the risk of addiction and having an impact on underage players.

The future of betting sponsorships in football

It is difficult to know what the future holds for gambling companies and sponsoring football clubs. The government’s downturn on gambling-related promotions may result in fewer sponsors as time goes on. However, we don’t think online bookmakers will abandon any option to promote their brand.

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