Europa League Referee Accused of Corruption by Declan Rice

Many football lovers are looking for an England League 1 prediction online, hoping to make the right bet. Not long ago, many people were hoping to see West Ham win in Europa League, but they lost against Eintracht Frankfurt. 

Declan Rice ended up accusing the Europa League referee of corruption. His confrontation with the referee can be seen in the footage. The midfielder shouted at the referee, and now he may have to face punishment from UEFA.

West Ham’s Loss

West Ham had high hopes for their Europa League match against Eintracht Frankfurt. They thought this would end up in a victory. However, things ended badly for them as they lost the match. 

In the 19th minute, Aaron Cresswell got a red card. This was only the start of the misfortune, though. Rafael Borre ended up giving the hosts a 1-0 lead on the night. On top of that, Frankfurt also had a 3-1 aggregate advantage over the tie. Although David Moyes’s side tried to get back into the contest, things kept going downhill. 

The Hammers manager was given a red card towards the end of the match. This left the team even more frustrated. 

Declan Rice’s Confrontation with the Referee

Even though Declan Rice didn’t show his frustration in media commitments, his behavior in the tunnel was completely different. 

The midfielder ended up calling the referee over. Then, he shouted at him.

 “It’s so poor, all night it’s so bad. How can you be that bad? Honestly, you’ve probably been f****** paid. F****** corruption,” Rice said. This is a comment which can be heard in footage that Fox Sports Mexico obtained. 

UEFA will have to decide on whether they should punish Rice for what he did or not. They are currently waiting for the match report of the referee.

After the game, Rice spoke about the decision to dismiss Cresswell, but also the performance of the referee.

“The sending off was probably a sending off but some of the other decisions were poor tonight,” he said. “The ref seemed to make every decision go for them. When you have someone against you, you can’t do much.”

David Moyes also had complaints about the officials and spoke about the red card. He has a lot of issues with this incident. 

“Lots of complaints, yeah. Really disappointed,” he said. “Things didn’t go for us on the night. Small things didn’t happen, but I am proud of the players.”

“How they played with 10 men was fantastic. They stayed in it. Other teams would have folded and lost two or three. The boys here are great. Tough boys. I thought we tried. We created chances. I thought we had better chances than Frankfurt. But we congratulate them. They go through, we don’t, and we give them our best wishes.”

If you’re interested to see what happens to Declan Rice, keep an eye on the news.

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