Escape from Tarkov Trader Guide: Understanding the Market and Bartering

Escape from Tarkov Trader Guide: Understanding the Market and Bartering

They save money by providing access to the items you may not have yet because you’re not at a high level or the items are not sold on the flea market. They can also provide you access to things that are out of stock, whether it is personally for you or globally. They also raise your trader rating, so even if you are one-to-one with the flea market, you will get a bonus of leveling up.


Your traders will go through each trader and do their loyalty level 1 and 2 barters. They give everybody the most access, which is available over level 15. After reading this article, you will spend less on gear, crafting items, or anything you need to use in Tarkov. So let’s dive into the article.

Understanding Market and Barte:

You must to understand the basics of barter and the market. You can save lots of money rather than invest them in the flea market. This section will discuss the traders through which you can save tons of money.


Loyalty level 1

In level one, it will only show barter items. At the loyalty level 1 prapor, you have two specific barter items where you can save. These two are the most important and affect most people. Let’s start.

F1 Grenades

It is not only available in level one if you cannot buy them from a flea market and you cannot buy them from prapor because they are widespread items, and you can get these es lamps out of raid easily and access grenades. You are limited to three grenades from prapor; you can only buy regulars. If you want more, you can buy it yourself from es lamp. Usually, they are expensive, but at least it gives access. It is cheaper than buying at the flea market.


This is important because the punisher task line requires you to use one of these for the task. Sometimes you will get them unlocked before buying them from a trader. You can look for them in the market, but you can buy them from prapor if you want good durability.

Loyalty level 2

The fuel barter, which is available at this level, means you can get it at level 15, but you can use it for the rest of the wipe. It doesn’t matter how high level you get. It is difficult because they lower the stock on them.


You will have to catch this at reset. Get your fuel conditioners out of the raid, or sometimes you can get them for 36k. You get a metal fuel tank at 97k if you buy all three items. You can also buy them from Jaeger and can buy them according to the price.


Loyalty Level 1

You will find much value in barter here, so stay tuned with us.


It may be don’t unlocked yet at loyalty level 1; you can use the paid and get yourself a sale which is one of the better meds in the game. In paid, you can get it cheap as 13k.

Colic b

It is a hemostatic applicator. These don’t unlock until the therapist level 3, but even if you get to level 15 and want to buy these, it can be a bit pricey. But the barter is very handy. You can also buy the screws, which are not so expensive. They may sometimes get to three and a half depending on the selling price of what people sell them.


So, you can buy two of these, get yourself a hemostat, and use one of the better ones. Do not use the tourniquet ones which are used. Once you have done with these colics, you can craft yourself a sole with it and have an extra med. It will use one out of three hemostats.


This barter can really min-max your money. You can take a Slickers and barter for a scav vest, and then you can use that scav vest to craft with or use it in your punisher task. Sometimes it gets cheaper because these vita juices reach to 6-7k range.


Overall, when it comes to quest keys, the flea market makes it cheaper, but if you get tasks and you haven’t these keys, and you don’t have the flea market at level one, you can trade these items for a tarcon director’s key. There are 206 keys for operation Aquarius with a therapist. For many different tasks, you need to bid red on customs.


In conclusion, we have discussed two traders here, which will help you to understand the market and the barters you need to know. So, stop wasting your money on flea markets, be wise, and use barter. If you want to know more about eft cheats and hacks, you can have a look for your convenience. Have a suitable trade!

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