Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites in the US Rapidly Grow in Popularity

Fantasy sports leagues have been a hit for decades, but it is only in recent years that their move to the digital realm has allowed them to connect with a whole new generation of fans.

In particular the rise of daily fantasy sports (DFS) has been noteworthy, especially since it has allowed for participants to engage in legal sports betting via the internet, in spite of the fact that plenty of states still outlaw other types of web-based wagering.

Let’s take a look at how DFS betting sites are building a major following nationwide, and what it is about these services that makes them so attractive to punters.

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A big industry getting bigger

Looking at the detailed guide here to the best DFS sites in the US will show you just how many major brands are competing for attention in the market at the moment.

From DFS-specific companies like DraftKings to all-encompassing organizations like Yahoo, the rivalries between these services are stoked largely by the fact that they are competing over such a large and lucrative customer base.

Research suggests that annual growth in this segment of the market is set to be pegged at 14% over the course of the next half-decade, by which point it will be a global industry with a value of over $1 billion.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the largest proportion of DFS participants are based in the US and Canada. This is where fantasy sports have proved the most popular in their more traditional guise, and the emergence of digital services has only perpetuated this.

Regulatory grey areas working in favor of DFS betting

Sports betting was only recently made legitimate at a federal level, with a 2018 decision by the supreme court meaning that states across the US could choose to allow wagering on all manner of events, and earn taxes from this industry as a result.

This has not been welcomed everywhere, and yet DFS betting sites have managed to make a mark in parts of the country where standard wagering is still not a possibility.

California is a great example of this, as it is still illegal to run a sportsbook site in the state, but DFS is able to get around this because skill is required to win.

As a result there are major sites offering betting on daily fantasy sports competitions in a region which otherwise prefers prohibition to legalization when it comes to gambling.

Even in states where DFS activities are a bit of a legal grey area, the overarching public consensus of acceptance for this particular type of gambling is enough to effectively give residents the green light to participate if they wish, without fear of regulatory reprisals.

The fundamental appeal of daily fantasy sports

There are a few reasons that DFS betting has managed to become so popular, and it bears mentioning that the accessibility of the online services is probably at the top of the list of perks right now.

Being able to get involved in daily face-offs between friends and strangers alike, all from the convenience of your smartphone or PC, means that much of the hassle and admin involved in old-school fantasy sports has been taken out of the equation.

Another selling point of DFS betting sites is that they act as an extension of a user’s existing interest in their favorite sport itself, because while the teams they put together and the competitions they commit them to are fictional, the stats and performance rankings are still tied to their real-world counterparts.

So if your NFL, NBA or Premier League team does well and you have star players included in your fantasy side, it is a win-win.

In this sense it can be a little like sports betting by proxy, and it seems likely that as long as this loophole remains open, or until every state in the US legalizes full-blown sports betting, DFS sites will continue to thrive.

Lastly, the immediacy of daily fantasy sports betting takes the adrenaline rush of playing to the next level. Rather than seeing whether your initial picks have proven sensible in weeks or months, you can get feedback on your performance in competitions in a day or two at most.

Final thoughts

With analysts tipping DFS betting sites for double digit growth, and more players perpetuating the market every day, even an increase in legitimate sports betting opportunities is unlikely to slow down fantasy league counterparts.

Furthermore, so long as customers are careful and budget sensibly for their DFS exploits, it can be a fun and potentially rewarding way to pass the time.

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